‘DIRTY JOBS” Host Mike Rowe Denounces Expanding Background Checks

Rowe had enough of his fellow celebrities spreading misinformation about guns that he went to Facebook, as he always does, to bring some common sense dialogue to the issue.

Video: “Gun Show Loophole” Exposed

Gun show loophole is the buzzword that gun control zealots like to toss around to scare the uninitiated into thinking that gun shows are like dark alley gun buys out of a back of a van with tinted out mirrors.

Remember When We Had A President Who Brought This Country Together Amidst Tragedy

One can say that a President’s worth is measured in how they handle tragedy and adversity. One need not look back to Abraham Lincoln or FDR to search for examples. On this day, 30 years ago, one of the worst tragedies occurred in American Aerospace exploration.

Lawmakers Looking To Make SWATting a Federal Crime

In case you were unfamiliar with the term, SWATing is the nefarious act of calling the police on a unsuspecting and innocent person and telling the police that something criminal and immediately dangerous is taking place at their location.

What A Congressional Democrat Wastes the Peoples’ Time and Money On

Have you ever wondered what Democrat Lawmakers in Congress do now that Obama has basically told them to sit down and shut up while he hijacks the entire legislative process through things like his army of Czars and his Executive Actions?

Jan. 26, 1779 – Colonists Defeat 400 British Troops and Loyalists at Burke County Jail

On January 26, 1779, a group of revolutionaries led by John Twiggs and William Few met at the Burke County Jail to figure out a way to prevent colonists defecting to the British. They knew who some of these people were and decided to set off to detain some of the British Loyalists in an effort to demonstrate their power and resolve.

Air Force Gets It’s Head Out of the Clouds Concerning Guns On Base

Earlier this month the head honchos of the Air Force sent out a letter to all base commanders informing them that they can allow service members to carry their own personal sidearms while on base, whether on duty or not, in uniform or out.

In Massachusetts Residents Must Submit An Essay AND $1100 Before Carrying A Gun

New laws are taking effect this week in Lowell that will require applicants for unrestricted handgun licenses to state in writing why they should receive such a license. Basically, write an essay pleading with “THE MAN” as to why they should deem to let you simple peons to exercise your right to keep and bear arms.

Interview With Andrea Haas of Huntress View

The rise of female hunters in America is worth celebrating. Since more women discover the outdoors and shooting sports industry, it’s worth noting this and embracing the trend–as blogs like Huntress View are doing.

Prime Example of Why An Armed Teacher Is Such A Good Idea

Students at the college in Charsadda, about 30 miles from Peshawar, say Chemistry Teacher Syed Husain is hero. By pulling out his weapon, they told reporters, their teacher gave them time to escape.

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