A Gun Owners Take on Embattled Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

What if a taxpayer funded employee of the government was a religiously based pacifist who didn’t believe in the use of firearms? What if, based off that religious belief, they refused to issue any concealed carry permits or refused to transfer gun purchases?

Left Coast Pols Can’t Ban Them So They’re About To Tax Them Out of Existence

In Seattle, a plan is to be voted on to tax every gun and every single bullet that is sold in the city.

FL Rep Has Sites Set on Ending Criminal Empowerment Zones on College Campuses

On August 3rd, Florida State Rep. Greg Stuebe (R) of Sarasota introduced legislation that would allow the concealed carry of firearms on college campuses.

FINALLY: Jackbooted SWAT Thugs Lose Immunity After Throwing Flash-bang Grenades at Innocent Grandmother and Granddaughter

A grandmother and granddaughter were enjoying a nice afternoon at home. That is before squad of shocktroopers from the local SWAT team shattered the front door and tossed in a couple of flash-bang grenades.

Infantry Colonel has interesting take on retorting gun control arguments

As long time readers of Bullets First know, I have ranged both far and wide in my defense of the 2nd Amendment in regards to rhetorical analysis and repudiation of gun controllers arguments and claims. Anyone who utilizes the search feature on this site can find articles dealing with the meaning of the word militia in 1700’s America, the private letters of our Founding Fathers that illustrate their belief in the right to keep and bear arms, the racist roots of gun control, the true numbers that reveal that places with more legal gun ownership are safer and so on. But I’m not sure that I have ever used the powerfully devastating “new” argument against gun control that former Infantry Colonel Kurt Schlichter has penned recently. An excerpt: American gun owners are beginning to respond with a fresh, powerful argument when facing anti-gun liberals. Here it is, in its...

NOVA Firearms won’t open Arlington Shop due to bullying from anti-gunners

News broke yesterday that McLean-based NOVA Firearms, which was slated to open its second shop in Arlington next month, canceled plans altogether following harassment from Michael Bloomberg and other anti-gun activists. I wrote about the gun shop back in May and supported their efforts to open the Arlington shop. James “JB” Gates of NOVA Firearms emailed me the following update regarding this development: As of July 20, 2015, Nova Firearms has canceled its plans to open an additional location in Arlington, Virginia. We wish to thank our many friends, customers, and supporters who have stood by us during our recent attempt to expand our business. We now plan to explore better opportunities in the area to expand our business so that we can continue to serve our customers, including those in Arlington. For the record, our interest in Arlington began only when a representative of the Arlington landlord asked...

God and Sam Colt come together to protect Pastor

As the old adage goes: “God created man, Sam Colt made them equal.” It’s with this in mind that I take you to the Church of New Beginnings in Baytown, Texas where Pastor Benny Holmes utilized the Lord’s protection in the form of a .45 pistol to protect himself from a church robber. At about 6:15 in the morning while Pastor Holmes was asleep inside, a would be robber breaks through the door of the church. Pastor Holmes hears the noise, arms himself and then goes to see who would defile his church. He found career criminal Lee Marvin Blue Jr (27), whose rap sheet dates back to 2005. Upon finding Blue stealing the churches laptops Pastor Holmes commanded him to stop twice but Blue ignored the Pastors words and advanced upon him.  It should be noted that Blue is built like a linebacker who busted in the door...

14 Steps To Help Your Survival On the Upcoming Disaster

We all like to think we can “rough” it when the $h!+ hits the fan and that we are conditioned to be Mountain Men and Women if the times call for it.  But I have to question, have you made any plans or contingencies beyond a bug out bag and a few weeks of food? See, there is more to surviving a disaster than being a badass.  It takes some thought and preparation to not only survive but thrive in face of a life changing disaster. For instance, Iran will soon have a working nuclear bomb thanks to President Obama.  For a quick moment Iran was all nicey nice with the US and before the spittle was dry on the Ayatollah’s boots from all the licking Obama was doing, the Iranians once again started the “death to America” rhetoric. Our good friend and radio host Tamara Jackson, recently did a show...

Model and Actress Kelly Carlson Carries A Firearm for Self Defense

Model and Actress Kelly Carlson is not some gun hating Hollywood actress, quite the contrary.  She recently opened up on her pro gun viewpoints and why she herself carries a firearm. Despite being trained in the Filipino martial art of Kali since the age of 19, Carlson understood that some situations may arise where Kali wouldn’t be enough. “Owning a firearm…was life changing for me because women for sure, but even men too can be in a very, very vulnerable position with no options if you have intruders or any scenario where you’re being dominated physically. [A firearm] is the only equalizer you have.” Carlson has recently revealed that in 2012 she was a victim of a stalker who hired 7 men to break into her house, compromise her electronic devices and ambush her. After several break-ins and being followed on the streets, she contacted law enforcement who were not...

Bruce Jenner Makes Me Want To Vomit

To paraphrase Snoop Dogg, “Bruce Jenner isn’t news, he’s a science experiment.” I couldn’t agree more.  Shame on ESPN to be force feeding the sports watching public with this liberal dogmatic crap, continually hammering in this lie that having a sex change is somehow normal or a courageous act. No.  It is a mental disorder.  It even has a name, Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  We don’t champion anorexics or bulimics for being “brave” enough to starve or vomit their way to a thinner body. There is nothing brave or natural about chopping off parts of your body and taking a plethora of drugs to change your sex.  It’s a psychological disease that needs treatment and therapy and all the people who are cheering for Bruce Jenner’s mutilation of himself are fooling both themselves and this man whose mental disorder has led him down a path of Frankensteinian horror. Posit for a moment...
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