Pro Sportsmen Bill Overwhelming Passed in US Sensate

“The Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act will help ensure that our nation’s hunting, fishing and shooting traditions are preserved, protected and promoted. This legislation addresses many priorities for American hunters, anglers and recreational shooters and its passage today by the Senate represents a significant accomplishment for the sportsmen’s community and for America.

New Study Says American Buy Guns Primarily For Self-Defense

It’s no surprise Americans are purchasing firearms for self-defense. With the recent mass shootings in San Bernardino and abroad, Americans fear for their safety and want to take matters into their own hands.

NYPD Officer Gets Off From a Shooting That a Normal Citizen Would Do 15 Years For

NYPD police officer, Peter Liang, fired blindly into a dark stairwell because he got scared when he heard a noise and killed resident Akai Gurley in 2014.

Universal Orlando Misfired, Rehired Employee Whose Gun Was Stolen

A former Universal Orlando ride technician fired after having his legal firearm stolen from his car in December was rehired by the theme park.

Let’s Talk About “New York Values”

New York Values are the statist, high taxed, government controls your life, religion is met with ridicule, guns only for the important people, do as I say not as I do, ultra liberal hypocrisy and nastiness that runs both New York city and to a lesser extent upstate.

Old Codger On Oxygen Levels Playing Field When He Pulls Gun On 2 Home Invaders

I especially love when a story like this one comes to light and shows that the gun is the great equalizer and that even a man with an oxygen tank can level the playing field against a pair of young street toughs with malice on their minds.

Iowa Set To Become 42nd State to Legalize Suppressors

In case you were unaware, gun are loud. Suppressors lower the level of decibels that guns make and as a result protect the hearing of the shooter and those around him or her. Yet, what a suppressor does NOT do, despite what years of bad Hollywood movie making would have you believe, is SILENCE a gun.

How Gun Ownership Could Liberate Cuba

Ever since the Castro regime violently and ruthlessly rose to power in 1959, the presence of firearms has been nonexistent. Since installing a military dictatorship, the Castro brothers have made private gun ownership impossible, subject to regulation, and punishable by law. Cubans have thus been rendered defenseless — a factor convincing many Cubans to flee the communist nation for freedom elsewhere.

Emory University Has Gone From Higher Education To Glorified Day Care Center

Well, the bed wetting, panties in a twist, suck your thumb and cry for mommy bar has been raised at Emory thanks to a word and a number. Trump 2016

Gun Controllers Won’t Enforce Gun Laws Against Actual Criminals

After stealing a gun collection worth over $100,000 you’ll be SHOCKED at what the penalty doled out by the courts for this criminal was.

Good Girls With Guns Stop Bad Guys Too

Good guys with guns aren’t the only individuals stopping bad guys with guns. Good girls with guns are thwarting crime, too.

Idaho Set To Become 9th Constitutional Carry State

On the heels of West Virginia’s override of gun control Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto of Constitutional Carry, the Idaho Senate has overwhelmingly passed their own permit-less carry bill by a vote of 27-8.

Cop Uses Pepper Spray on Innocent Bikers on the Highway Just Because (Video)

Officer Figueroa made a routine traffic stop of a Dodge Ram and upon exciting his vehicle came out spraying pepper spray at passing motorcyclists who were simply riding by.

This is MY kind of Boss – Lance Toland Gives Free Guns for Workers

Toland decided the best way to protect his employees is to arm them so he issued a mandate requiring all employees to obtain a conceal carry license. Upon obtaining their license, Toland provided every employ with a personal protection handgun known as a judge.

Guns Don’t Kill Free Speech On College Campuses…Liberals Do

It’s disheartening to see what has become of college campuses around the nation in the few years since I left the hallowed hall of the Cathedral of Higher Learning. Free speech is dying…but it’s not because of guns.

Woman Saves Dog, Video Saves Woman From Lying Cop

Tiffanie Hupp jumps in front of a Troopers gun in order to protect her dog, who was chained up and wagging his tail, from being executed.

Model Hannah Ferguson Explains Why It’s Good To Have Gun Knowledge

Fashion model Hannah Ferguson, 23, may seem like an unlikely gun enthusiast but has proven to be the opposite. The Texas native comes from a family of Marines who introduced her to firearms at an early age.

West Virginia Overrides Gun Control Governor’s Veto For BIG Win

The lawmakers of West Virginia stood their ground in the face of Gun Control Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto attempt to ground the 2nd Amendment under heel.