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NJ Moves To Make Gun Buyback Events MANDATORY

There are two gun control bills (annual buyback and bump stock ban) being worked through while Christie is still in office because the NJ Reichstag thinks they are mild enough to get his endorsement but once he leaves office, then the REAL gun control begins.

York PA Gun Buyback Suckers People Into Exchanging Guns For Pennies On the Dollar

Gun buyback scams aren’t limited to York Pennsylvania, this is just where the most recent example of a municipality suckering people into basically giving away valuable property for a gift card not worth nearly the amount that selling the firearm would fetch if sold to a gun shop.

Gun Owners Take Over Gun Buyback- Gun Controllers Look On Helplessly

As readers of Bullets First know, I have been an outspoken critic of gun buyback programs.  The reasons for my disdain for the program is wide ranging.  From the idea that it does ANYTHING to stop gun crime to the fact that some nefarious police officers use it as a way to dupe ignorant people into parting with extremely valuable firearms for a $50 food gift card of a pittance. Though I must say, for a gun owner looking to expand their collection, a gun buyback event is a great place to find some deals. Imagine my delight when I found out that a group of gun owners took that advice and overtook a gun buyback in Oregon. On Jan. 17 a buyback event was held by radical anti gun control group Central Coast Ceasefire Oregon and the Newport Police Department.  The payoffs being offered were gift cards to superstore Fred...

Kentucky flips the script on gun buyback programs & Heinlein views in Action

As you may recall, I have utter disdain for gun buyback programs.  With that being said I was greatly amused that the State of Kentucky has done a one-eighty on the idea and have begun a sell back program. The program has been in place for 15 years now and as you can imagine, the gun control zealots are still bemoaning the “inevitability” of blood running in the streets.  Even after a decade and a half of positive results, some are still criticizing the program such as Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders. “In my experience, the guns that end up there are dangerous weapons, poorly made, often damaged or really don’t have value unless you’re looking for an inexpensive firearm.  And if you’re looking for a cheap gun, you’re usually up to no good.” Apparently Mr. Sanders doesn’t believe that poor people have a right to protect themselves and their...

The absurdity of Gun Buyback programs

An idea that the gun control crowd likes to promote from time to time are so called “Gun Buy Backs“.  Basically, they take tax dollars to “buy back” guns from people, no questions asked. (Though I have heard that some places, like Long Beach NY using seized cash in order to fund the program.) Theoretically you could be a criminal, use a gun for a series of murders and then turn it into the police for a reward.  I’ve seen these rewards range from a $50 gift certificate to $200 cash. Now, the gun control zealots say that this is a great way to get illegal guns off the street.  I say that only 2 kinds of people actually go to these buy back programs.  Those with useless broken rusted out pieces of gun that at one time fired bullets but is barely worth the price of its scrap...

Boston Gobe: Gun Confiscation is Needed… and Impossible

The Boston Globe recent ran an article where it acknowledged the obvious: the long term goal of the gun control movement (recently relabeled as  “gun safety”), is to confiscate a large number of Americans’ firearms. The Globe has almost everything else wrong in its article, but they are honest about the desire for gun confiscation.

OUTRAGE: Savannah Georgia Lists a Top Priority – Destroying Guns

There is something unhealthy about a city administration that lists destroying valuable property as one of its highest priorities. That is the case with Savannah, Georgia.

Arizona Gun Hater, E.J. Montini, Cheers when City Officials Violate the Law

The State has a constitutional mandate to protect the people of the state from lower level governments. City governments are creatures of the state. Democrat party power, voter fraud, and corrupt political machines, have always been concentrated in cities.

Cops are now stealing their OWN guns

Far too often you hear cases about law abiding citizens having their guns confiscated by police officers never to have them returned.  While this appears to happen in mostly anti gun states like California the idea that shady characters can act with impunity behind a badge effects all 50 states. Let us not forget to point out with healthy skepticism, the notion that police officers who run the gun control scheme of “gun buybacks” are really going to let a $10,000 gun or rifle go to the smelter.  No, they are going to hand the schmuck who is pawning ol grampa’s WWII memento for a $25 gift certificate to Bed Bath and Beyond while the officer (or dept) is adding that same rifle to his own personal collection, if he doesn’t sell it outright. So it comes at NO surprise to me that according to the Pentagon, police officers...