Gun Control is like a force field…but life isn’t a movie

If you have ever watched Science Fiction movies; Star Trek, Dune, Independence Day etc. you are familiar with the concept of force fields.  They are the often invisible barriers that keep out dangerous things, be they attacks from weapons, smaller ships looking to infiltrate an area or just random space debris so the hull of your space ship doesn’t get ripped open.

I like to compare gun control to these force fields, along the same lines that I compare them to a child hiding under their blanket so the boogeyman won’t do them harm.  Force Fields are not real, they are an illusion of make believe and to put trust in a fictional construct to keep us safe from real danger is like that child hiding under their blanket when an actual predator is in the room.

I often times hear that gun control measures are to keep people feeling safe.  I’m not sure about you but I would rather BE safe than simply FEEL safe.  Of course this brings me to the Cinemark Movie Theaters corporate policy of not allowing firearms into their theater.

It has long been understood by those with common sense that such “feel good” gun control measures don’t actually solve anything, it just breeds the environment that allows mass murder to flourish in.  Think on it for a moment.  You are a regular citizen and you see a little “No Firearms” sign on the door of the movie theater.  You don’t want to make waves and you want to play by the rules so you go back and place your firearm in the car.

Now imagine you are a criminal or a complete sociopath.  You see the same sign.  What do you do?  You chuckle to yourself as you realize how easy the evil you are about to do is going to be.

But for some reason, gun control advocates and businesses that they have bamboozled, think that this is a good measure against gun crime.  ”As long as people feel safe”.

I think its the height of naivete to think that an imagined force field, generated by a sticker on a door, is going to protect anyone.  And I think we have witnessed too often why these “Criminal enabling zones” must be abolished.  I know some say, “what could someone with a gun do?”  I’ll tell you what they won’t do, they won’t huddle in an aisle and wait to die.  With the means to protect themselves, maybe they don’t make it out of the situation, but at least they are given a chance.  Relying on an imaginary force field doesn’t provide the same.

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