But what can you really do?

I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day in Pittsburgh and while he is a homeowner with a home defense gun he doesn’t believe in the the bearing of firearms actually making a difference.  His reasoning behind this?  He never sees it in the news of someone who stopped a tragedy because he was armed.

My friend is an intelligent man, an engineer, a man of science but his statement just dumbfounded me.  I had to explain to him that 2 things stop real world self defense stories from being told by the national media and neither of them have anything to do with the examples not existing.  First, media tends to not like guns.  You can see this on how often the inanimate objects are vilified and demonized…as if a Glock .40 just decided to one day hope up and go on a crime spree.  Secondly, national media is all about ratings and they will inflate, exploit and sensationalize anything in order to get those ratings.  A madman on a killing spree?  HUGE ratings.  A guy bringing a gun to a movie theater wounds one before he’s stopped by an armed moviegoer?  Not really what they are looking for.

So I decided to give you all some local reporting and some video evidence that supports the idea that legal gun owners not only CAN but often times DO stop tragedies before they happen.


Grocery Store in Wisconsin

In a bank, OH

Clerk shoots robber in the face

Victim saves self from mugger in PA

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