Equality in all things but rights

An interesting title no?  I was just pondering an idea about the idea of equality.  Often, the opponents of the Second Amendment liken keeping and bearing arms to that of driving a car.  They erroneously try to compare a God given right to that of a state sanctioned privilege.  They say things like, you have to pass a test to get your license to drive and you have to register your car and there are speed limits you must adhere to so it limits the kind of car you can have.  Therefore you should have all those restrictions on the Second Amendment as well.

Well, thats just bull.  That is as much apples to oranges as one can hear.  Let’s go with an apples to apples comparison and just imagine how the majority of gun control zealots would react.

Lets treat the First Amendment, specifically the right to free speech, like many states treat the Second.

Words are dangerous things.  They have inspired riots, revolutions, hate crimes, heinous acts of genocide and other travesties against humanity.  As such, “reasonable” restrictions on the right of free speech should be levied.

If someone wants to speak out openly on a matter they must be tested.  They must be able to read and write with precision, they must also take a test proving they understand the topic they are discussing.  These tests are of course, government run and a fee associated with them must be paid.

Secondly, because dangerous people must not be allowed to cause trouble with their speech a background check must be done to make sure no disqualified individuals are allowed to speak.  Also, a fee will be administered to all in order to cover the costs (Not too fond of the 4th amendment either apparently)

Thirdly, because some words are most volatile than others those words will be banned on a state by state basis, and if the state does not ban them then a huge fee will be imposed by the Federal government and special enhanced background checks will be done.  More fees will of course be levied.

Fourthly, one must register with the government every time they want to speak out on a new topic and that topic must be government approved and sanctioned.  A fee for registration will be levied.

Finally, if the government decides that the right to free speech is no longer important and has lost its relavence in today’s society, the government will look over the registration of those who enjoy speaking their minds and come into their houses, most likely at night when that person is sleeping, and cut out their tongues, and cut off their fingers so that free speech will no longer be possible.

THAT, is an apples to apples comparison of how  FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS are treated with equality.  I wonder if the gun grabbers of the world who espouse all their non-sense would like to live in a world where their right to speak is treated like our right to defense.

I wonder if they even realize how the 2nd is really the only protection to the 1st.

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