The Legislation is Unconstitutional? Take us to court

Thus is the sentiment of State Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco.  The California lawmaker has proposed legislation looking for a problem.  In case you haven’t heard of SB 249, if passed it will ban AR style rifles that currently need a tool of some sort in order to detach the magazine.  Colloquially known as the bullet button, with SB 249′s passage will make all kits that detach the magazine illegal as well as the weapons.

Not only will it be illegal to even have these kits in your possession but you will be required to turn them in without any compensation.  Some of these rifles can be priced in excess of $4000.  With the passage of SB 249, California will not only be further infringing on the Second Amendment but will be in clear violation of the Fifth Amendment which states that the government cannot seize property without giving just compensation.

When California’s General Legal Counsel brought the unconstitutionality to the attention of Senator Yee, his response was for the opposition to take him to court.

That is the American Legal Process that Senator Yee believes in.  The, “We’ll pass anything we want and just waste the peoples tax dollars on litigation”.  The hope being that the bank account at his disposal (your tax dollars) will bankrupt the opposition.

To all freedom loving Californians, those who believe not only in the 2nd Amendment but also in the 5th, and all other enumerated rights that Senator Leland Yee would shred in order to satisfy his own inane sense of self worth, you need to oppose this bill.  Stand up and be heard.  Contact Senator Yee  and politely explain why his brand of unconstitutional tyranny will not be tolerated.

You must be heard now…lest you have no voice later.

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