Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety…

…deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -Ben Franklin 1759

I decided, after seeing that I have some readers currently in the United Kingdom,  to hearken back to Mr. Franklin because I believe a snapshot of America’s future can be seen across the pond if we do not listen to his words.

After a pair of shootings in 1987 and 1996 the UK passed 2 Firearm Acts criminalizing the possession of of most firearms with an exception for antiques and black powder revolvers.  Think about that, from tragedies that could have been avoided with armed resistance, Parliament decides to fulfil the dream of American Gun Grabbers and outlaw practically every handgun.   Of course, this must mean that crime is non existent in the UK.  I mean, if no one has guns then no crime can happen right?

But that is not the case.  Lets take a look at the numbers:

In the UK you are 133% more likely to be a victim of assault than in the US

In the UK you are 125% more likely to be a victim of rape than in the US

And while the US may have roughly twice the number of crimes than the UK we are also nigh 6 times as populated so our chances of being a victim of crime is much less.

But what about firearm crime.  Funny thing, their ban didn’t eliminate it.  But what it did do was raise another weapon of crime.  Knives.

In 2006 England and Wales had a population of roughly 58 million people while the US had in excess of 300 million.  Without including Scotland, the UK had over 163,000 knife crimes.  On a whole the US had less than 400,000 firearm related crimes.  Break that down to and the UK had 1 knife crime for every 355 people.  The US on the other hand had 1 firearm crime for every 750 people.

Now the numbers are making sense.  Take away a citizens right to defend themselves and cowards need only a knife  to rape and assault at will.  A girl by herself has no way to defend herself against a large knife wielding attacker.  A couple walking through the park cannot defend themselves against a pack of knife wielding muggers.  The UK likes to poke fun at the US with our “wild west” ways but I say, at least we have not forced our populace to live in a time of mob rule where packs of thugs can impose their will by sheer number upon the innocent.

And what of those with a shotgun who wish to protect their home?

Ask Tony Martin of Norfolk, England who killed a burglar and wounded another when they were in his home.  Initially sentenced to LIFE in prison for murder, eventually appealed down to manslaughter serving 3 years.  3 YEARS for defending your life and your home.

This is the kind of world the gun control Politicians and zealots want in America.  The feel good legislation that gives up essential liberty for the pretense of safety will eventually deny us both.

The politicians get to be protected on the taxpayers dime while we, “the peons” are forced to deal with theirgood intentions.

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