Wasn’t expecting this…

While looking at the stats for this blog I noticed that I have had a couple of visitors from overseas.  Not sure if they are Americans abroad or foreigners curious about Americas Second Amendment but either way I thank you for visiting.

If you are a member of the US Armed Forces I, as well as everyone at GOA, thanks you for your service and we are honored by the sacrifices you have made.

If you happen to be an Olympic Athlete representing America in the London Games may I wish you all the best of luck. We are all proud regardless of medals won or honors bestowed so long as you handle yourself with dignity and class.  But if you happen to have some precious metal around your neck that’s good too!

To any foreigners who may be curious let me say this.  The right to keep and bear arms for protection from threats both foreign and domestic, from attack and from tyranny, is not an American right alone.  It is a universal right bestowed upon us by our creator or whatever greater power you ascribe to.  We Americans just happened to have the foresight to spell it out. If you prefer to be citizens of your country instead of a servant to it, speak up, be heard and fight for your rights.

With all that being said, if you are in another country please feel free to comment, I am rather curious to hear from you.

That goes for all my domestic readers as well.  Especially if there are some 2A infringements in your state that you’d like some light shed upon.

As our forefathers said, we must stand together or we shall most certainly swing separately.

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