Hang together or we’ll all Hwang separately

In case you haven’t heard, respected Attorney, President-elect of the New Haven Bar Association and carry permit holder Sung-Ho Hwang was arrested for attending a movie while carrying a firearm in New Haven CT.

The only problem is that there was absolutely NOTHING illegal with what he did and therefore should not have been arrested at all.  In fact, he wasn’t charged with anything relating to a firearm but rather “Breach of the peace”.  Feel free to read that as “contempt of cop”.

The fact that Mr. Hwangs action of self-protection so riled up the Chief of Police Dean Esserman that he ordered the officers to arrest Mr. Hwang when they would have otherwise let him go after discovering he possessed a Conneticutt carry permit are so vile and nauseating Chief Esserman should make himself sick.  It is my hope that a lawsuit against the PD and the Town are filed immediately because such strong arm tactics in the suppression of citizens rights should not go unpunished. Of course, can you expect any less from a cop who cut his teeth in New York City? http://www.cityofnewhaven.com/police/divisions/ChiefDivision.asp

This bias and baseless arrest is only furthermore encouraged by the Mayor of New Haven John DeStefano Jr. who stated in reference to Mr. Hwang right to carry his firearm for protection: “The point I’m making is, sometimes just because something is legal doesn’t make it right”.

Thats the mayor saying just because you are allowed to protect yourself in the “Murder Capital of Connecticut” doesn’t mean you should, even if you are leaving a movie theatre at 1am.

Mayor DeStefano further sited his own ignorance with the fallacy that, you can’t yell fire in a theatre therefore you shouldn’t carry a gun in one either.  He might have had a point if Mr. Hwang was waving his gun around and making a spectacle but he wasn’t.  By the Mayor’s rationale, we should just cut out everyone’s tongue to make sure no one yells out “FIRE” in a movie theatre…and if there happens to be a fire, oh well.

Now, in reference to the title of this post I hope Mr. Hwang will forgive the play on his name.  The point I am making is that we, as gun owners and gun carriers must stick together and not allow the thuggish violations of our rights to continue by elected or appointed officials.  If we do nothing while innocent people like Mr. Hwang are railroaded then one day when we are on the wrong side of some local despots shit list, there will be no one there for us.

If you live in New Haven CT (or if you just want to voice your opinion) please feel free to contact Mayor DeStefano [email protected] and let him know that just because you CAN vote for him, doesn’t mean you should or will :o )

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