Who says you can’t fight city hall?

Or in this case the Capitol.  The people are taking to the streets to oppose SB249.

With a groundswell of support for gun rights, gun owners and those who believe in the Constitution have decided to take back government with a good ole fashioned rally at the Capitol in Sacramento.  Details can be found here

If you are in the area or if you can make the trip I ask that you give a little time to a good cause.  Politicians often find themselves isolated in their ivory towers because their constituency are too busy earning a living to keep them in check.  But sometimes, when politicians have lost their way it is imperative that the people stand together and demand acknowledgment of their grievances.

If they cannot hear us from way up in their tower than we must shake the very ground with our voices and our feet.  I invite anyone who can to the State Capitol next Thursday, August 16th 2012  to help oppose this unconstitutional gun ban and confiscation.

Good Job to all who have contacted Senator Yee with their disdain for this bill.  Keep up the pressure!

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