They fear what they do not know

That has been my experience in regards to people unfamiliar with firearms.  This seems especially true with women.  Coming from the North East I have had to deal with a great many people who have been so bamboozled and brainwashed by the constant and relentless attack on firearms that they think that the inanimate object will just jump up and start spitting bullets at them.

But, thankfully im charming as hell and can usually convince even the most hardened heart to at least join me at the range once.

Note: One should always have a healthy respect for firearms and the harm they can contribute to if not respected.  Much like one should respect a car but realizes that if you drive 120mph drunk that its not the cars fault if you hurt or kill someone.

Anyways, back to the range.  I have not once…not EVER brought some gun fearing liberal, novice or even the occasional gun grabber (the bad kind) to the range and after the first few shots not have them turn and look at me with this euphoric grin of pure delight.  I even had a friend of mines Girl friend nearly crying out of fear when she picked up my .45 to nearly crying out of enjoyment and fun after firing a few rounds.

After a few shots do they think everyone has the right to a machine gun?  No.  But the dangerous aura that has been propagated by the gun control zealots is shattered forever.  They may not be ready to join Gun Owners of America but they surely aren’t as eager to see guns taken out of my, or any law abiding citizens hands.  I even have taken a few from the range to the gun shop to pick up some pistols that very same day.

So my advice to you, if you have that friend, co-worker, dating companion or family member that has that irrational fear of inanimate objects, take them to the range and shatter their preconceived notions.  They may not march on the Capitol with you to defend the 2nd Amendment, but they may just understand where you are coming from.

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