Romney get your gun

…or in this case your hunting, skinning, butchering (in a good way), polish sausage making, Second Amendment defending running mate, Paul Ryan. 

With the announcement of Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate I decided to take a day or two and let the hullabaloo quiet a bit before I weighed in with any commentary.  Now that I, and the nation, have had a couple of days to digest the news I figured I would delve into Ryan’s street cred in regards to the Second Amendment. 

First and foremost, Rep. Ryan’s rating from GOA is an A.  Simply put, he is a strong pro-gun voter and philosophically sound.  But lets get into the meat and potatoes of what that means.

Rep. Ryan voted for the prohibition of lawsuits against gun manufacturers for misuse of their weapons.  How anyone could have voted otherwise is beyond me.  It would be like suing Toyota because someone driving a Prius hit me while drunk after too many apple-tinis.  The only people who supported the right to sue the manufacturers were those gun control zealots looking to bankrupt and ultimately eliminate gun manufacturers in the US.

Rep. Ryan voted down similar measures in 2003 and 2005

In 2007 he voted to ban gun registration and the trigger lock law in Washington DC.  Considering the absolutely flawed logic that gun registration laws are anything other than the governments attempt to control the populace is ridiculous.  Gun registration has never prevented a crime but it HAS led to confiscations.  And i’m not using the same ole Hitler, Stalin, Amin talking points, I’m looking right at you New Orleans.  Confiscations of law abiding citizens happened RIGHT here in America at a time when those people needed protection more than ever.  Having Rep. Ryan as a stalwart against registration of firearms is a very good thing.

Rep. Ryan also co-sponsored the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act that would, much like a drivers license, allow law abiding citizens who are permitted to carry in one state to legally carry in all other 49 states.  This is a great way to bypass tyrannical despots like Mayor Michael Bloomberg who all but outlawed the carrying of weapons by average people in NYC (also telling them what to eat, how big their portions should be and all the other un-American nanny state nonsense his highness likes to decree)  Being a born New Yorker, lets just say I am not a fan.  But being a Pennsylvanian I have my LTCF and its just silly that my drivers license can drive me across the country to California no problem but I need to check a law book with every state i enter to make sure I am legally allowed to have my .45 on my hip.  This is a great piece of legislation that Rep. Ryan not only supports but took the leadership role in co-sponsoring.

A few more pro-gun votes that Rep. Ryan made regarded the allowing of civilians to reload spent military small arms ammunition.  So much brass keeps the prices down.  A vote against is really just a vote to keep the price high for law abiding reloaders.  Rep. Ryan also looking out for the wallets of gun owners with his support of the Collectible Firearms Protection Act which would allow M-1 Garands and Carbines to be repatriated to the US from overseas without having to jump through hoops and pay through the nose with State Department approval.

All in all, I find Paul Ryan to be a phenomenal pick by Mitt Romney, who, if we are being honest with ourselves really needed one.  If included in Romney’s think tank when President, I fully believe that Vice President Paul Ryan will definitely voice his Second Amendment beliefs and shift the conversation in a positive direction for us.  A crucial point with regards to any Supreme Court nominations that may arise.

Mitt Romney needed a star for his VP pick…and he found Orion.

Hmmm…i think i just did something there…O’Ryan the hunter!  Trademarked!

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