The Peoples Champion…

…are the people themselves.

In 2 places this week, from the Capitol of Sacramento to the little village of Corrales, NM the people who believe in Freedom, the Second Amendment and Liberty in general rose up in opposition to a heretofore tone deaf legislative body and demanded that their rights not be infringed.

I wrote earlier of State Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco’s unconstitutional bill and his flippant let-them-eat-cake-esque response when legally advised that it was unconstitutional.  Well, apparently coming all the way out to California for the rally that Gun Owners of California (in conjunction with GOA) planned and was estimated to be attended by 2,000 – 5,000 attendees was unnecessary.  For the committee, being flooded with emails, letters and calls finally got the hint.  The GOC’s top lobbyist was called personally by the representative of the committee and was told that Gun Owners had won and that the bill was scrapped for now.

The operative words being FOR NOW. 

Remember this, gun control zealots never really give up, they just wait until our guard is down and then sneak in some bill, or amendment and try to get it passed in the dead of night so that it becomes law before anyone even knows what happened.  Fortunately, with such vigilance by men like Sam Paredes and other gun rights leaders, such nefarious deeds are not left unnoticed.

Sam has worked diligently and relentlessly, to keep the workings of California’s state governement as transparent as possible and continually keeps the citizens and gun owners of California informed.

So, while not the big dramatic march on the capitol showdown that is rife with high drama and visual impact, we still have had a major victory today.  The light has been shone on gun grabbing zealots and they have scuttled under the rocks from which they crawled from.  But remember, they are still there and eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

In another part of the country, in the village of Corrales in New Mexico, the village council tried to pass an ordinance banning the carrying of firearms on all village property.  This would include parks, recreation centers and offices within the village.  The people took action and demanded that this ordinance be voted down and showed up in number at the council meeting.

30 members of the village testified against the ordinance compared to only three who testified in support.  With such a ground swell of support the ordinance was defeated by a vote of 4-2.  I hope come election time the people of Corrales remember Councillor Mick Harper‘s attempt to limit their constitutional freedoms.  But all in all, another great job by an informed and energized group of Americans willing to be heard to defend their liberties.

These are just two cases of the people being their own advocates and making a change for the better.  With the Students for Concealed Carry victories I addressed yesterday I just want to make a point that people who ask “what can I do, i’m only one person?”  Well…when enough “one”‘s get together they can roar loud enough to shake the ivory towers that politicians all too often place themselves in.  That is how a difference is made.

Keep up the good work.

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