Are you ready to survive?

After going over the summary of internet traffic to my blog I noticed that, behind facebook, the most traffic was coming from a site called survival week.  I thought I would give them a look and see what they were all about.

To put it bluntly, the site is a one stop shop of survival information in case the world goes topsy turvy.  So, before some of you start thinking about how the Mayans were all full of it and the end of the world isn’t going to come on December 21st, 2012 I want you to think about what you may need to be ready to survive that has nothing to do with a nigh-mythological doomsday countdown.

Let’s start with something easy and quantifiable: Hurricanes.  Not any hurricane mind you, lets take a look at what a hurricane can do to a city that is literally below sea level, New Orleans.  The residents who decided to remain, or couldn’t get out, were left is a soggy pseudo apocalyptic world.  Law was un-established, power and running water was gone, looting was rampant as well were carjackings, murders, thefts and rapes.  What little influence the law had at times turned into criminals themselves murdering innocent people and trying to cover it up.  That’s when they are not too busy disarming the public; Police Superintendent Compass: ”No one will be able to be armed, Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns.”  I wonder what states with gun registration would use to find all these guns in order to confiscate them…hmmmmm…

So, in the aftermath of a natural event so common it has its own season (June 1st – Nov 30th) are you ready if you have to survive?  And to our west coast countrymen, the aftermath of a hurricane can be the same as the aftermath of an earthquake.  But at least the hurricane can be predicted.

Not only are there natural disasters that happen on a regular basis, but there are ones that happen so infrequently that we have no idea what would happen to the modern world if it occurs again.  I’m talking about super solar flares or more technically Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun causing massive Electro Magnetic Pulses to shoot toward Earth.  It has happened in the past, the only difference is that when it did, we weren’t a civilization that depended almost wholly on technology and energy.

Picture this if you will.  One day you’re just sitting around the house, lets say it is close to dusk, just watching tv enjoying the cool autumn air.  Then all of a sudden the tv goes out, the lights turn off, you lose power.  You check your cell phone to see what time it is but it’s fried.  You hear outside car crashes.  Not one but ALL of them.  In the distance you see a plane fall out of the sky like a rock.  You turn on your battery powered radio to see what the problem is but it won’t work.  No piece of electronic thing you own will work…EVER AGAIN.  The fridge only has so much cold left in it then your food will go bad.  The water no longer runs, you have no way of getting information any more and as the sun finally disappears beyond the horizon the world enters a state of darkness it has known in over 200 years.  Are you prepared?

These are some natural disasters that are very real possibilities and should be prepared for just for the sake of preparedness.  I’m not saying you need a bunker to hole up in for 3 years but if you lose clean drinking water for a week and your fridge doesn’t work, could you manage in the short term?

Now, I could break down more examples but they pretty much all play out the same.  You lose power, society panics, roving gangs, survival of the fittest.

So the question remains…are you prepared?

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