Standing for the Constitution by standing against the law

When I was in the Army we were told we had to follow all lawful orders.  Sounds easy enough…until you’re given an unlawful order.  Too often in history we hear of atrocities being committed by those “just following orders”.  But even when you are right, and you stand up against what is wrong, it doesn’t mean it’s easy.  In fact, it usually means the opposite and your life is going to get a lot more difficult.  But I guess that’s where things like character and honor come into play.  Are you willing to go against the flow and stand up for what is right?  I just wanted to highlight a few people who seem to grasp the outline of what “shall not be infringed” means in a post Heller and McDonald world.  And then just for kicks, to highlight one who wants to thumb his nose at the Second Amendment and refuse a lawful order because of hatred and bigotry.

In Edwards County, Illinois, the only state that still has a statewide ban against concealed carry, State’s Attorney, Mike Valentine, has recently come out and said “If you’re otherwise law-abiding, you won’t face charges for packing heat in Edwards County”.  A stance that is perfectly and legally within his right to do.

Mr. Valentine has been greeted by some, including State Senator Dan Kotowski, that think they should be stripped of such decision making.  “Higher law enforcement officials should look into it.  I think the attorney general should look into this”, Kotowski said.  What I read into his statement is that he hopes it will get pushed up the ranks and closer to Chicago until someone agrees with him.

But it appears that Mr. Valentine’s thoughts might be gaining traction in other parts of the state.

In Mclean County, State’s Attorney Ronald Dozier has publically announced that he also will not prosecute gun carriers as he views the law as unconstitutional.

Of course the Governor, Pat Quinn has come down on Mr. Dozier stating the “You have a duty to respect the law”.  Funny, considering how in respecting the Second Amendment Mr. Dozier is doing just that.  Perhaps Gov. Quinn should respect the law and give the people of Illinois the same right that the citizens of all 49 other states (in some regard) have.

Mr. Dozier, a former judge, wrote a four-page statement outlying how the state laws of Illinois regulating how and where people carry guns as unconstitutional under recent US Supreme Court rulings.

With men like Valentine and Dozier refusing to enforce unconstitutional laws they are taking a stand against Chicago thuggery and are fostering the dialogue in the minds of voters who can know ask themselves, why are we denied our Second Amendment rights in Illinois?

On the flip side, I’d like to take you to Colorado University in Boulder where we find Prof. Jerry Peterson who also wants to stand up for what he believes in.  The only problem is that he believes in allowing massacres to run unabated on college campuses.  Prof. Peterson has publically stated that he will cancel class if discovers any of his students is a CCW holder and is legally carrying a firearm in his class.

This is the same kind of liberal “feel” good policy that academics like to espouse.  But in truth it’s the same kind of bigotry and hate mongering that a professor who doesn’t want to teach anyone who is in a bi-racial relationship.

In this way, a Professor is saying, “I don’t like your personal views and I certainly don’t like you exercising your freedom that upsets me in my ivory tower so I am going to cancel class and go home.  My hope is that you will eventually be shamed enough to change your ways.”

Well, tough tamales for Prof. Peterson this time because the Chancellor of Colorado University came out and stated that professors “do not have the right to shut down a class or refuse to teach” should they learn that one of their students is lawfully carrying a gun with a CCW. Doing so will be a breach of their contract (let alone denying the education that students and parents pay for) and there will be disciplinary action.

I’ll once again return to my first point about following lawful orders.  The state prosecutors from Illinois are standing up against an unconstitutional law that they use the US Supreme Court to back their claims.  Prof. Peterson is whining like a little child who wants to take his ball and go home because deep down in his heart he doesn’t like the constitution when it doesn’t agree with him.  That doesn’t make what he is doing brave or noble…it makes it petty and small and like all bigots he should be shunned for it.

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