Take the money and run

Most likely you work hard for your money.  In this economy that sentiment is probably an understatement.  So why would you want to spend your hard earned cash at a place that doesn’t recognize your rights?

I am talking of businesses that are hostile to gun ownership and gun owners.  They come in diverse fields and have varying degrees of being anti gun establishments.  For instance they could have that little sign on their door with a pistol X’d out.  Now, unless I missed it  on the news, force fields or magic pixy dust has not been proven to stop criminals so this business wants you to make yourself vulnerable to death but will do nothing more than place a sign up to insure your safety.

I tend to avoid these places, mainly because I don’t want to be murdered.

Sometimes they won’t have the little sign but if you are printing your weapon or open carrying it they will come to you and ask you to either leave or put it in your car.  I leave, for the same reason as before.  Leaving a place where you are ensuring that the only people who will be armed are those with criminal intent greatly increases your chances of not being murdered.

Then there are those companies and corporations that ardently support gun control.  These are a little harder to find because they often require some leg work to uncover.  These companies may be heavy supporters of gun control groups or they may be hostile to gun manufacturers.

This is the case with Bank of America.  Earlier this year McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing and McMillan Group International had been collectively banking with Bank of America but were told to pay off their accounts as they would no longer be welcomed to bank with BoA.

Kelly McMillan, Operations Director of the McMillan companies, met with Senior VP of BoA Ray Fox and what was supposed to be an “account analysis” quickly became a political smack down.

In McMillan’s words, “What you are going to tell me is that because we are in the firearms manufacturing business you no longer want my business.”  To which Fox replied, “That is correct.”

Of course, not all businesses are so blatantly anti gun like Bank of America.  Some are questionably so.  To this I am thinking of Craigslist and Capital One Credit.

Craigslist has long been against the trade and sale of firearms on their website and from a point of view you could see how that might make sense.  They don’t want to be liable for facilitating an illegal gun sale or other Fast & Furious type operations.  That would initially make sense if it weren’t for the fact that Craigslist has long been used as a hub for prostitution.  I guess it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that San Francisco based business Craigslist, bans ads for the sale of guns but facilitates prostitution.

That one seems a little more cut and dry than the Capital One stance.  Capital One has an image card in which you can personalize your credit card with a photo or picture.  There was a time when the guidelines specifically stated no firearms but apparently after a backlash they changed the wording.  While still at the sole discretion of Capital One to reject the image one of the guidelines reads:

Images which could be considered to show violence or violent acts, blood, gore or injury.

So given to who reviews these images, any hunting or harvest photo sent will be (and has been) rejected outright.  Furthermore, any photo of a firearm, regardless of its context could be “considered” to break the guideline.  This one is a judgment call.  But if you have a Capital One credit card I suggest you submit a photo of your 1911, AR-15, your prized hunting rifle, or the shotgun your dad gave you as a kid and see if these pieces of Americana make the grade with Capital One.  If they don’t then I guess you know where they stand.

My point is that if you work hard for your money you should know that the businesses that are fortunate enough to have you as a customer do not go about stabbing you in the back in regards to your Second Amendment rights.

There is yet one more class of business that defer to local law in regards to making gun policy.  Examples would include Starbucks and Wal-Marts who will defer to local law in regards to policy.  In that, if it is legal to Open Carry in Pittsburgh, PA (which it is) then you are welcome to patron those stores.   I have no problem with their no-stance stance as it does not hinder law abiding citizens.

I have found a very good site that offers personal experiences of businesses and rates them on their friendliness to gun owners.  It’s an open site that anyone can rate a business on and I encourage you to check it out and contribute to, in case you are curious as to which businesses support or conspire against your rights.

That site is Friendorfoe.us

Maybe, if these businesses lose enough money they will come to their senses and stop their dangerous and un-American stances against the constitution and personal safety.

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