In the heat of the moment, true stories of split second decisions to shoot

I got a little blowback from some about my recent blog post about the recent shooting at the Empire State Building. I heard a lot about how dangerous the profession is and how in the heat of the moment you can’t shoot straight so I thought I would look into some other recent examples.

First, let me direct you to what an NYPD officer himself said on

“Any average CCW citizen who practices more than twice a year pretty much has most of the department beat in terms of training”

You can read more about the officer’s insight here.  Training is definitely important for all gun owners, be they wearing a badge or not.

As I said, some kept telling me that “if you’ve never been in that situation you can’t criticize”.  I question that logic too, now that I think about it.  I’ve never been President of the United States either; does that mean I am not allowed to criticize the Obama?

But I digress.  Here are some recent, real world situations about people who, with their life on the line defended themselves from would be murderers and they didn’t have to empty their magazines to do it.

Two would be thieves entered a Dollar Store in Jacksonville Florida with nefarious intent and started threatening the two clerks working.  Unfortunately for the robbers the only customer in the store at the time happened to be a 57 year old grandfather who was also a CCW holder and was armed.  The unnamed Samaritan shot 2 shots, connected both and killed the first robber while the second high tailed it out of there.

According to his wife. “He’s always been a marksman. He shoots in competitions, but this is the first time he’s ever killed anyone and I don’t know how he’ll handle that.”

I hope that this hero doesn’t have any restless nights because he may very well have saved lives with his actions.

Now, if there is ever a situation when a full blown firefight may ensue when you can’t hit 100% of your targets it might be a situation like Gun Shop Owner Stephen Bayezes faced on August 9th in Belvedere, South Carolina.  Three would be thieves drove a van through a wall of the gun shop that Mr. Bayezes owns in order to do a smash and grab of as many weapons as they can.

Mr. Bayezes, who lives on the premises, came out and one of the robbers shouted “Shoot the mother [explicative]”.  At that point Mr. Bayezes heard a gun click.

But once again, unfortunate circumstance for the bad guys, Mr. Bayezes did not bring a knife to this gun fight, he brought his AR platform rifle and he opened fire.  Choosing his targets carefully, shooting to hit he hit all three suspects without the need to reload, killing one and driving the others from his property.

Even being awoken in the middle of the night, outnumbered 3 to 1 by armed bad guys, Mr. Bayezes didn’t just have his trigger finger dance in “spray and pray” mode.  No report of any bullets striking outside of his gun shop, no reports of neighbors houses being hit.  In the heat of the moment an average citizen defended himself with his weapon and the streets did not run red with innocent blood.

This is a direct rebuke of gun control zealots who continue to say that anyone other than the police would just shoot up the place and innocent people would get in the crossfire.  Furthermore, it is a testament to why AR platform weapons are absolutely reasonable for self defense.

Finally, some amazing video of a female store owner defending herself from a gun wielding and violent attacker who was trying to smash his way into her store.  One well placed and timed shot had the attacker limping off as fast as he could.  Here’s the video, it’s amazing to see the ferocity of the attacker and how quickly he turns tail and run after he realizes that his intended victim has bite.

We have 3 situations of varying degrees but all were intense and sudden and needed split second decisions to be made.  In total 3 shots were fired from 2 pistols.  Both stopped a violent crime in its tracks.  From an AR platform weapon fewer than 20 shots were fired at 3 suspects, killing one and stopping a violent crime in action.  At no point was any innocent person injured and at no point was any shooter conceivably out of control.

And before anyone gets the outlandish notion that I am saying that only citizens can use their weapons responsibly I’ll relate a personal story about a shooting I witnessed firsthand on a busy street in Pittsburgh, PA.

A man was walking down the street mumbling with a meat cleaver.  A Pittsburgh Police Officer, Eric Tatusko just happened upon the scene and ordered the man to drop the cleaver.  The man continued to walk forward and Officer Tatusko retreated some and continued to order the man to drop the cleaver.  The man moved in an aggressive manner toward Officer Tatusko and with innocent people behind him fired a single shot and killed the man with the cleaver.

The point is that a badge does not make you innately better with a gun than the average citizen.  Nor does it make you the only one to whom the Second Amendment applies.  At the end of the day it is training that will carry the day and if you don’t have enough of it then bad things will happen.

This is even truer for average everyday gun owners.  If you think just having a gun is enough then you are setting yourself up for failure.  Any gun you own you should be proficient with it, like any tool, if you don’t use it, your skills will be rusty at best.

And while a hammer may only smash your finger, a firearm can have more costly mistakes.

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