DNC Checklist: First deny God. Second deny the rights He bestowed to us. Third, Government

In case it comes as a surprise to those who don’t believe that President Obama is just biding his time to enact sweeping gun control measures, an official plank on the DNC Platform calls for the re-enactment of the assault weapons ban.

Diane Feinstein, with her government funded protection detail has no qualms with denying you the right to protect yourself and your home.  At a delegates breakfast yesterday she stated that she would reintroduce an updated assault weapons ban declaring: “Weapons of war do not belong on our streets, in our classrooms or in our movie theatres”.

Never a group to let a good tragedy go to waste, the gun control zealots always like to stir the most recent emotional nerve in order to get some quick press and make a cause célèbre out of such instances.  Never mind the fact that the theatre was a gun free zone and in such the shooter wasn’t allowed to have his firearms there to begin with.  But the zealots rarely let little things like the truth, facts and common sense get in the way of their agenda.

It’s also pathetic that they make it seem like the shooting in Aurora was due to small lapse in the assault weapons ban and therefore the streets are running red with blood.  The ban ended EIGHT years ago.  All the gun control zealots with their prognosticating of old west shootouts and fear mongering have very little evidence to back up their delusions and as such cling to a tragedy like a parasite in order to suck it dry for every bit its worth.

With the passage of another assault weapons ban, a slippery slope would ensue.  Since the term “assault” is a loaded term crafted by the gun control crowd in order to instill fear in a simple rifle, it will not be long before they go after sniper rifles (hunting guns), assault shotguns (pump action), Military grade assault pistols (your 1911) etc.

By twisting language the gun control crowd has demonized a class of firearms that they wish to deny the American public.  Even if they cease with the of twisting the 2nd Amendment to deny gun rights to civilians they often snidely remark how the framers of the Constitution  were talking about muskets and that if people today want to carry a gun it should be a musket or single shot pistol.

How easily they will ignore the fact that if their argument was valid, and the Constitution was a static document meant to trap us in time, the First Amendment would not extend to the internet, television, radio, or even newspapers anymore.  I mean really, how many newspapers are actually “pressed” nowadays?

But like I all ready stated, the gun control zealots do not care for facts or truth or logic.  I have long said that the push for gun control itself is completely illogical in this way:

 “Gun Control laws are the only laws that point to their own abject and complete failure as reason to instill more gun control laws.”

And as Senator Feinstein herself stated as her goal in an interview with 60 Minutes, “If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!”  Depending on how the election goes, she may get a second chance.

That is the plank of the DNC, that is what they and the other gun control zealots want.  They want to ban them all and nothing less will satisfy them.  Thinking about it, it shouldn’t really be too surprising from the party that had initially started their convention by denying God a place within it. 

Our rights are bestowed upon us by our Creator, if to you that means God or Nature or the flying spaghetti monster it doesn’t matter, what matters is that our rights are innate and are not given to us by the government.  A party that denies God also denies the inalienable rights bestowed upon us by Him.  After the initial blowback from denying God a place at the convention the party leaders moved to reinstitute God into the program, the measure was met with a resounding BOO-ing by the delegates.  They were actually boo-ing God.

As has been said before I will say again, gun control is about CONTROL.  And to support a party whose platform is to undercut, not only our rights but from where those rights come is a dangerous party indeed.  It is a party that will turn us from citizens to servants.  In the ideal of the DNC we would all be cogs in the machine of government.  In their own produced video they state: Government is the only thing we all belong to.

Really?  I’m sorry; I don’t “belong” to the government.  What about the fact that we are all free in this country?  The ideals it stands for, the liberty it instills?  I don’t belong to this government because I am an American.  I thought, if anything, it was the American dream we belonged to.

And there it is in a nutshell.  The DNC believes that it is the government that people are fodder for.  They have given up the idea that the government is a tool for the people, and a small tool it should be.  Hmmm…maybe it’s time we started having Gov Control.

Remember this, when you go to the polls this November.  Remember it in your local elections, in who you send to your state house and in who you send to Congress.

Send an American who believes in your rights…not a government drone looking to limit them. 

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