Technology has rendered gun control pointless

In case you aren’t familiar with what “printing” is (and I don’t mean seeing your concealed weapons outline), it is the use of a 3D printer in order to make an object from plastic.  Many objects can be made from it and among them are firearms.

Yep.  You can buy a 3D printer and from a block of plastic design and print out your own pistol, or AR receiver, made from about $30 worth of plastic resin.

You can see the first confirmed example of a functioning 3D printed gun here.

With fine tuning and home science the 3D printing technology will soon be able to make the main parts of any gun out of plastic requiring only a few parts needed to be made of metal.

I pose the question to the gun control zealots out there.  How exactly do you plan on stopping this?  The moment criminals can print a gun at home as easily as they could a word document your whole existence for being becomes moot.  Unless you plan on extending your half baked ideology to cover the banning and control of printers, or plastic resin.  Come to think of it, you are all about control so I could easily see Mayor Bloomberg leading the charge to do just that.

But with the advent of the printed gun your Achilles heel and baseline of deceit is revealed to the world.  You are not looking to stop criminals from having guns, you are looking for the total ban of all guns in America.  One of your leading proponents, US Senator Dianne Feinstein from California was honest enough to say it:

“Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of all Americans to feel safe”


“If I could have gotten an out right ban, picking up every [gun]…’Mr and Mrs America, turn em all in, I would have done it.”

Technology has washed away your footing, if you ever had any, and now you are left with either going away or revealing yourselves to the country with your true face.  You want guns out of the hands of ALL Americans.   I mean, what criminal is going to go through all the hard work of going to buy an illegal gun now, if all he has to do is hit print?

Your 10 day waiting periods are moot.  Your background checks are pointless, your gun registration is immediately outdated.  All the schemes and hurdles you have placed on law abiding citizens (the ones who follow the law and as such jump through your hoops) in order to “prevent crime” will be revealed as what it truly is, preventing gun ownership, period.

So, to the gun control zealots, who blather on about illegal guns, loopholes, waiting periods, magazine capacities, weapons bans and all the other nonsense that criminals never followed in the first place, I say that technology has pulled back the curtain and you can no longer mask the truth; you’ve been coming for American guns all along.

The irony is, while you were so hell bent on destroying the 2nd Amendment, in a roundabout way it was the 1st Amendment that beat you.  Who’d of thought the freedom of the press would be used to make a gun.


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