Weekend Hodgepodge


With the first full Sunday of American football here in the states I just wanted to reflect on how great the fall season is in America.

We have playoff baseball.  Because lets face it…160 some odd games is a lot to stay excited about.  But once the fall comes around the races matter, wild card births are being fought over and come October every single pitch and at bat matters.

Hunting season really kicks in.  Depending on where you are there there are numerous things to hunt and different times of the year but being raised in the North East I always associate the fall with deer and bear hunting.  Of course, depending on the state Bear season can start as early as September (NH) or not until November (PA).

Apple Pie.  Yes, we all serve apple pie for on picnics and July 4th and so on, but the real apple harvest…the good one with the sweet sweet juiciness of all an apple’s potential is in the fall.  I remember fondly going apple picking around this time of year as a kid with the long stick with a little bag at the end in order to get the apples higher up in the tree.  Good times.  Plus I also remember a few times going to the pumpkin patches as well.  Lifting pumpkins the size of small mountains.  Pumpkin pie is good too.

The weather.  Summers Hot, Winters Cold, Springs wet, but Autumn is juuuuuust right.

Football.  Baseball may be America’s pastime but football is America’s sport. I am always reminded of a line from the Musical 1776 spoken by Ben Franklin in why America was different than Britain.

“We’ve spawned a new race here, Mr. Dikinson. Rougher, simpler; more violent, more enterprising; less refined. We’re a new nationality. We require a new nation”

And football is the sport that defines that nationality best.  Its violent and beautiful.  It’s a place where heart matters and can overcome skill, where stands are made and even if they fail the fact that they are made give hope.  Football embodies the American spirit and I always feel a little better when it is being played.

Side note: Think about this, Futbol(soccer) is the worlds game. The beautiful game it is called where no one knows the time and people flail around and cry about fake injuries in order to get sympathy from the refs.  Sounds pretty much like any UN Operation I’ve heard of.

But I digress.  Fall is also the election time of year.  Now, many don’t really care considering such low voter turnout but I always appreciate the dog and pony show and how if the media was fair Ron Paul would’ve probably had a shot and if he didn’t Romney would probably be up by 15 points right now.  I mean, lowest workforce participation in over 30 years and the Politico titles their page “State of the Race: Advantage Obama”.  Yeah…don’t lead with anything that might actually be the truth and hurt that statement.

Grrr…all right, maybe elections aren’t so great.  But everything else is.  Even heading back to school was always fun.  A new year to broaden my horizons, see old friends and so forth.

And lets not forget the downright plethora of holidays in the year.  It starts off with Labor Day, a day we celebrate labor by not doing any.  Then we have Halloween which is fun for everyone.  Thanksgiving, which couples an abundance of food, family and football together.  How American is that?  And then there is Christmas and Hanukkah. I include those because I like shopping for those holiday’s and I do that in the fall so I don’t have to get crushed in stores come the winter.

So, the random thoughts on why the Autumn in America is the best time of year.  Go Steelers!


Disclaimer: The rooting for the Steelers is not an official endorsement by Gun Owners of America and is reserved solely by the author and his Primanti brother sandwich eating, terrible towel waving, yinzer loving Pittsburghese self.


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