What we lost on September 11th 2001

On top of the tragic loss of human life, I look back over these past 11 years and I see something just as tragic that has been lost.  Liberty.  Sure we have the pretense of freedom but through 2 administrations liberty has been chiseled away ever so slowly so that we are like the frog in the pot.  If it heats slowly enough the frog won’t jump and before he realizes it he is cooked and dead.

That is what is happening to American society.  It started with righteous fury at terrorists and a knee jerk reaction to do something.  And I’m not talking about retaliatory strikes and invasion of other countries, I’m talking about the pacifying tactics that the sheep demanded in order to feel safe.  This reliance on the government to beat back the boogeyman was in its nascent stage for many years prior to 9/11, but found its potential tapped when those planes were flown into the towers.

We were given the Patriot Act to catch terrorists in the homeland.  The TSA was created to ensure safety while we flew.  The Dept. of Homeland Security was formed to ensure that all branches of our intelligence network worked and communicated together.

As innocent and as well intentioned as those ideas and organizations started out to they set the foundation for tyranny and corruption.

The Patriot Act has been used to investigate copyright infringement, used against the homeless, to track big spenders in Vegas, to spy on American citizens, to investigate drug crimes, fraud and political dissent.   The one thing that the Patriot Act is hardly ever used to investigate is actual terrorism.

The Patriot Act is being wielded like a broadsword to get around Constitutional protections against anyone who the law enforcement wants to use it on.  Maybe you buy too many guns, maybe you read too many books at the library that the government doesn’t approve of and so on.  With the 4 year extension of the Patriot Act signed by President Obama we are seeing even more invasions into civil liberties.

In America nowadays, when all you have to do is infer that someone MIGHT be up to something that appears to be possibly terroristic in nature you can shred the 4th Amendment right and do whatever it takes in pursuit of him.

Then we have the TSA.  Workers whose starting salary grade is $17,000 a year are given absolute power over whether you are allowed to travel or not.  And I don’t mean that these people are stopping you because you have brought anthrax on a plane or reek of plutonium.  They can kick you off just because they don’t like you.  I feel bad for all the beautiful women who are subjected to cancer causingbackscatter screens just because some agent wants to get his jollies off.  Or for people who have been sexually assaulted having to relive the experience at one of the agents grope fests.

Not only is the government fighting to keep the TSA in airports they are trying to expand it to bus terminals, train stations and on the streets.

This is AMERICA…when the hell did things go so upside down that we need prove our innocence or identity to travel freely among our own hometowns and states.  I do not want to live in a country where I will have to show my papers to any federal agent just to go about my daily business around my home.

Then we have Homeland Security.  Just another cabinet level position that is sucking the tax paying well dry.  The current secretary is Janet Napolitano whose defense and misuse of both the Patriot Act as well as the TSA borders on the line of criminal.  She is possibly the worst and most dangerous person in the country.  With a signature she can have you detained, seize your assets, restrict your travel, and arbitrarily make your life a living hell all in the name of “national security.”

What’s truly terrifying about this woman is the absolute mess she has in her own house.  Treatingmale workers like lapdogs, credit card abuses, sexism, fraud, waste and mismanagement are all charges leveled upon Sec. Napolitano and her ilk.

Don’t you remember the America you grew up in?  The one that you were free to travel without having to subject yourself to the “theatre of protection”.  Where you didn’t have to take your shoes off, be sexually groped and be scanned with cancer causing rays just to go on vacation?  I remember a time when America wasn’t a bunch of cattle that were herded to this line and that to subject themselves to constant inspection to make sure we “made the grade”.  I remember an America where the 4thAmendment meant something.

Maybe these things like the Patriot Act were created with the best of intentions, but as the saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

These are the examples of the slipperly slope in reality.  It starts with a tragedy and there is outrage so government does something. The people are pacified but once you open Pandora’s box the monster continues to grow.  Once government bureaucracy is created it does not stay small or manageable…it grows and feeds and keeps going because every generation of bureaucrat wants more and more.   Eventually, liberty ends…not with a bang, but a whimper.


If the previous paragraph tugs at something in your brain it should.  As a gun owner this is the same method that they will come for our guns.  Not in one fell swoop, but little by little until we are rocked to sleep with one small restriction, one tiny infringement that doesn’t seem like it concerns us.  Then eventually…it’s gone too.  The 2nd will have gone the way of the 4th.  And without the 2nd…there is no hope for the others and therefore no hope for America.

This is what we lost on September 11th 2001.  I just hope enough people realize it before we are cooked like that frog in the slow boiling pot.

This is also the reason why Gun Owners of America will always be, as Ron Paul called us, “The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington”.

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