Why do we keep apologizing?

I, for one, am tired of the constant apologizing that this country’s executive branch keeps doing.   We have apologized for our arrogance, for our dismissive nature and our willingness to engage in violence.  I believe that there is no reason to apologize for having pride in your country, for being willing to lead and to be willing to defend liberty and freedom for those who are in need.

Why this President continues to undermine American exceptionalism by his constant kowtowing to foreign powers and bodies is sickening.  Obama has claimed that America has a moral responsibility to act on arms control (i.e. gun banning) because we used a Nuclear weapon.

But on top of apologizing for the beacon of freedom that America has lit in the world for the past 200+ years, on top of apologizing for our “savage” 2nd Amendment, Obama now apologizes that our First Amendment right has angered foreigners and that it is ostensibly our fault that the US Ambassador to Libya was murdered by an irate gang of Muslim extremists.

What is next Mr. Obama, was 9/11 our fault too?

I grew up in a country that had Ronald Reagan as its Commander in Chief.  A man who used diplomacy through strength.  Who proudly stated to the only other super power on the planet to “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL”.  Reagan never apologized to Gorbachev for the Russians feeling they needed to put up a wall to deny liberty to the East Germans. The concept is as absurd as it is repugnant.  Ronald Reagan believed in this country’s greatness, that it was a shining city on a hill.  He saw the greatness in America and let that greatness shine.  He did not bow and bend his knee to other powers in order to supplicate them.  He instilled in others the Dream that is America and they could see it for all its wonder in their own eyes.

But not Mr. Obama.  He apologizes for American free speech.  In so doing, he absolves the violence and murder of 4 US diplomats at the hands of radicals because obviously we American’s had it coming exercising our rights the way we do.

I am DONE with the apologizing.  I love America and while there may be some things deserving apologies (Tuskegee ExperimentJapanese-American Internmentpoor treatment of Veterans) it should never apologize for what makes it great.  If we start apologizing and capitulating to foreign powers by limiting our First and Second Amendment rights, we are surrendering our sovereignty.

Mr. Obama, if you want to continue to apologize, then you should apologize to the American people for being a disgrace.  You can start with an apology to the families of Border Agent Brian Terry and US Ambassador Christopher Stevens.  Then continue on to all the other people who your apologies and excuses have hurt or killed in the past four years.

Some people are saying you are the second coming of Jimmy Carter.  I don’t, I think you are much worse.  I hope my fellow countrymen and women have realized that truth and do not believe that America should crawl to anyone with hat in hand.

We are a proud country filled with patriots Mr. Obama.  We cling to our guns because it is our right.  We cling to our bibles because it is our right.

If you find need to apologize to other countries for those rights I only have to ask:

Mr. Obama, whose side are you really on?

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