Blood in the streets

To continue on a theme that I started yesterday and in light of recent Islamo-fascist uprisings, I wanted to delve into actual blood in the streets.  Basically, we haven’t won the war on terror.  I don’t think it is a battle that can be “won”, it can only be fought.

While our brave servicemen and women have been fighting it overseas that does not mean that it will not be brought back to our shores in the future.  No amount of constitution shredding Patriot acts or liberty killing executive orders will eliminate that possibility.

So the question remains, if we find ourselves with Islamo-fascist terrorists here in the heartland are you prepared to defend yourself.

While the police are required to protect society on a whole from falling into chaos, there is a limit on what they can do when a full-on terrorist insurrection is occurring within the states.  I don’t mean millions of terrorists are going to invade the US and try to take over, but let’s say a dozen here a dozen there, with dirty bombs they made from everyday items and a little spent uranium they got on the Russian black market.  Maybe a few more with AK-47’s they received in Mexico thanks to Eric Holders Fast & Furious campaign to arm Drug Cartels.

Now, let’s say these terrorist want to act, start blowing things up and shooting up places.  They will do what criminals have done for years.  Avoid the police and avoid places where people fight back.  Pretty much they will target Gun-Free zones.

Universities, churches, elementary schools and the like.  They may branch off but these they will hit them first.  Maybe they will go to a mall, the everyday bastion of American capitalism and just start randomly shooting up the place.

Let’s say the terrorists hear of a movie that they interpret as being anti Muslim.  What is to stop them from having one or two terrorists go to every movie theatre in the country showing that movie on opening night and shooting up the place?  They would only need about 2000 volunteers, multiply that by 25 innocent people killed at the minimum per theatre and you have 50,000 people killed in one act of terrorism.

This is when blood in the streets will run and the vehicle that will drive it is gun control.  “Feeling” safe by disarming the law abiding as opposed to doing something to make you safe is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard.

Just another reason that you should always carry and be your own cavalry.  Unless we, as a nation abandon our notions completely of what freedom and liberty look like and declare an Eastern Bloc style of martial law, we will always live with such possibilities.  Danger is one of the prices for living in a free state.  And not just from the occasional wacko in a movie theatre or another one at a school, but from everyday criminals and terrorists.

A quote was attributed to Admiral Yamamoto during WWII when he voiced his thoughts on invading the US after Pearl Harbor:

“You cannot invade the Mainland United States.  There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

Whether the Admiral ever said that is up to conjecture, but that doesn’t diminish the validity of the statement.  We are a country of millions upon millions of gun owners and we must fight to keep it that way.  While military might may keep the armies of our enemies at bay, that does not mean the enemy will not present himself on our streets nonetheless.

A time may come when a blade of grass is all that stands between victory and tragedy.

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