Weekend Hodgepodge


As September rolls on and harvests take place I am faced with a philosophical query that has been a recurrence for years now…Pumpkin or Apple.

I’m talking about pies of course.  No one says that a pumpkin a day keeps anything away.  Nor do I think about plucking a pumpkin off the vine and take a big juicy bit out of it.  In all common categories of eating it raw I will say that apple has pumpkin beat, hands down.

But when it comes to pie is the choice so obvious?  Why is it Mom, baseball and apple pie?  Apples are not indigenous to this country (though one could say an immigrant fruit does make sense). I would make a case that Pumpkin pie might be MORE American than apple.

What kind of pie do you serve at Thanksgiving?  There’s no such thing as a Dutch Pumpkin pie. The pumpkin is so industrious, filled with the America spirit of ingenuity that it can be tossed in competition, carved to make art and designs for Halloween, and its seeds can be roasted, salted and eaten.  Appleseeds are poisonous.

So, with the All American pumpkin having so many attributes, why does the pumpkin pie so often get relegated to second class with sayings like, “As American as Apple pie”?

Just some things to think about.

Either way, they are both delicious.  Treat yourself to either one this fall but remember…Pumpkins pie is American too!

Dad, Football and Pumpkin Pie! 

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