The Story of Gonzales and How It Relates to Today

In case you have ever seen a black and white flag with a cannon, lone star and the words “come and take it” and wondered where it came from, I’m going to tell you the story.  Because it is a story that still relates  today and to the fight against governmental control…or as the zealots like to refer to it, gun control.

Gonzales was a Mexican town east of San Antonio that was inhabited by settlers mainly from the US.  In 1831, Mexican authorities gave the settlers a small cannon to help defend themselves against Comanche raids.

Over the next four years, political unrest in Mexico reached a high point with several states revolting.  Col. Ugartechea, commander of all troops in Texas, felt it unwise to leave the weapon in the hands of the settlers and demanded it back.

Let me emphasis something, the government was fine with the settlers having a weapon UNTIL the rule of said government became so unpopular that open revolt was taking place. The government then decides to CONFISCATE that weapon in order to maintain THEIR control.

Back to 1835.  After the refusal to return the cannons, on September 29th, the Mexicans sent in 100 armed Dragoons to nicely “ask” for the cannon back.  The settlers used a series of excuses and stalling tactics in order to delay the troops outside the town for 2 days, until 140 Texans could gather in Gonzales.  The Texans decided not to return the cannon and a fight ensued.

On October 2nd, shots were fired and the Mexican soldiers withdrew.  Now, this wasn’t the Alamo or San Jacinto, there were only 3 casualties, two dead Mexican Dragoons and a Texan got a little bloody getting bucked off his horse.  But what this was, was the “Lexington of Texas”.  It was when the good people of Texas would no longer take the gun grabbing tyrannical rule of Santa Anna and stood their ground.  Much like the Americans had done some 60 years earlier.

So what does this story mean today?

It is a story that reflects the wisdom that our Founding Fathers had in enumerating the right to keep and bear arms in our Bill of Rights.  They knew then, as history has proven time and again, that a government who wishes to control its citizens must disarm them and make them subject to governmental might, unable to defend themselves from the will of the rulers.

Gun Control leads to subjugation.  It is about control and will be used by those in power to keep others from opposing them.  It’s like the dystopian golden rule…those with the gold, make the rules.  Only in this case, if only those in power are armed, then they can make any rule they want.

Never compromise on your gun rights.  Any time the government tries to infringe upon your right to keep and bear arms they are trying to control you a little more.

To paraphrase the movie Braveheart in regards to compromise: Slaves are made in such ways.


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