Intoxication and guns shouldn’t mix…nor should intoxication and driving

So then why are their parking lots at bars?  There are states around the country that have prohibitions on having a drink while carrying firearm.  Yet, while they are more than happy to infringe on the Constitutional Right of bearing arms, somehow, regulating the privilege of driving is somehow more protected.

If things were equal (though in truth they shouldn’t be because rights should have more protections than privileges) then you would either have to leave your car at home and walk to the bar or you would have to be a designated driver and not drink at all, by LAW.

But since most gun control zealots hate equality and rationality (i.e. everyone is free to think what they will, as long as you agree with them) the idea of prohibiting drivers from being served alcohol seems completely ridiculous yet banning a gun owner from the same is completely logical.

Statistically, 31% of all fatal car crashes occurred with a drunk driver.  Over 10,200 deaths.

The accidental firearm deaths was about 600.

Even if I factor in ALL gun deaths, to include murders, gang wars, suicides etc, the number is only about 8,200.

Driving drunk kills 25% more people than every kind of firearm death yet where is the outrage to ban drivers from bars?  Where are the Mayors Against Illegal Drivers?  Why isn’t Bloomberg at the head of this crusade?

Hypocrisy, that’s why.  The idea of drinking and driving doesn’t morally offend people the way that a gun owner does.  And if there is any way that a gun owner can be inconvenienced, hassled or otherwise have his/her rights infringed the gun control zealots will attempt it.

But, finally, it seems as if common sense is breaking through.   In 2010, Georgia removed the prohibition of firearm owners from drinking while in a bar or restaurant.  In the past 2 years, blood has not run in the streets, shootouts haven’t become a daily occurrence at the local watering holes and business has gone on as usual.

I’m not surprised.  We are Americans and as Americans we should hold ourselves up to a certain amount of personal responsibility.  We do not need a government to tell us how to properly behave.   We do not need a Nanny state tyrant like Michael Bloomberg dictating our eating portions or salt intake.  We are the country of “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and it should remains so.

If you do something stupid when you are drunk and something bad happens you should be punished.  But we cannot tolerate the continual disassembling of personal responsibility lest we become a nation of weak willed government sycophants.

In summation…don’t drunk drive, don’t drunk gun…and generally reconsider drunk texting.  If you can’t drink and not get intoxicated then have a designated gunner with you.    Other than that, carry on.

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