Regular folks at Police qualifications plus the murder of a double amputee armed with a pen by a Houston LEO

In a piece done by a fellow gun rights blogger Joe Huffman, he and some everyday average law abiding citizens recreated the LAPD firearm qualification course.  The argument from the gun control zealots is that since regular folk aren’t trained and qualified like the Police are they shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns in public.

Suffice it to say, the results weren’t very surprising.  Gun owners in general tend to have more practice with their firearms than police officers are required to with theirs so the 90% pass rate for the regular folk isn’t that surprising.  The fact that one guy did it with his left arm in a cast and that Joe increased the difficulty of the test overall and still had over 90% pass might be a little surprising.

Here’s the video of the qualifiers in action with some commentary on what they are doing and how it is structured to be more of a real life situation than what the LAPD requires.–6Lc4

I often think of the “only police are qualified” argument whenever I hear a story of an officer seemingly being anything but.  I think about it often.  And not only with the NYPD shooting 9 innocent people at the Empire State Building but also when there are times when the officer shouldn’t have shot at all.  A situation that, if a regular citizen were to shoot, they would be going to jail for murder.

I’m talking specifically about the recent shooting of a double amputee by a Houston officer Matthew Marin.  Officer Marin said that his partner and he felt threatened by this man (Brian Claunch) in a wheelchair waving a pen at them.  The man was threatening to stab them with this pen.

At this point, even if you cannot see that it is a pen you should be able to tell its not a gun and if you cannot separate yourself enough from a one armed one legged man confined to a wheelchair than you shouldn’t be a police officer.  If nothing else, isn’t this what they issue tasers for?

And this isn’t second guessing a shootout or a shooting someone in a wheelchair armed with a gun.  This man was a patient at a personal care home, who, being a schizophrenic, was prone to acting out.  I question how dangerous this one armed, one legged man was that he deserved to die.

What I don’t question is that if a regular citizen were to do the same they would be going to jail, stand your ground or castle doctrine would not hold up to you shooting a ONE armed, ONE legged man in a WHEELCHAIR armed with a PEN.

So, not only do gun owners in general practice with their weapons more than is required by police departments, gun owners are less likely to shoot relatively unarmed double amputees in wheelchairs because there are consequences to our actions.  Officer Marin on the other hand will be put on desk duty for three days.  I hope the good people of Houston demand a deeper investigation into this and call for justice for Brian Claunch.

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