The absurdity of Gun Buyback programs

An idea that the gun control crowd likes to promote from time to time are so called “Gun Buy Backs“.  Basically, they take tax dollars to “buy back” guns from people, no questions asked. (Though I have heard that some places, like Long Beach NY using seized cash in order to fund the program.)

Theoretically you could be a criminal, use a gun for a series of murders and then turn it into the police for a reward.  I’ve seen these rewards range from a $50 gift certificate to $200 cash.

Now, the gun control zealots say that this is a great way to get illegal guns off the street.  I say that only 2 kinds of people actually go to these buy back programs.  Those with useless broken rusted out pieces of gun that at one time fired bullets but is barely worth the price of its scrap in order to get more for it than its worth, and those who have inherited a gun collection worth THOUSANDS of dollars but are too ignorant to realize it.

For the former, I say good for you.  If your tax dollars are going to pay for such an idiotic program you might as well do what you can to recoup some benefit for yourself.

To the second group I implore you, do a little research, who cares if you don’t like firearms, do you like being a sucker?  A little research and a trip to a gun store could possibly net you thousands of dollars in returns which will trump a 50 dollar gift card any day.

Plus, while many of those guns bought back are junk, I have heard horror stories of beautiful antique heirlooms being given up for a pittance only to meet its end at a buzz saw and smelter.  That of course is if it actually is destroyed and doesn’t make its way into a private collection of one of the people running the program.

But let’s think about the efficacy of these programs for a minute from a criminals mind.  You have a gun, its could be stolen, have been used in a murder, illegal to possess in general etc.  Is $50 or even $200 worth the risk of walking up to a police officer at this buy back and handing him your gun, “no questions asked”?

And even if a criminal was willing to sell his gun to the officers, what is going to stop him from taking the $200 cash and buying a new gun?  Its like a game of Musical Guns.

Basically, the programs tenet is that ciminals with “hot” weapons will walk up and hand them in believing that they will face no consequence for that action or crime.  They are actually expecting criminals to BELIEVE IN THE GOVERNMENT!!!

Yeah, I can see all the gang bangers and murderers lining up to hand in their bloody guns right now.

Like I said…absurd.

Don’t be a sucker…if you have a nice gun you don’t want, find it a nice home. The reward will be greater, I assure you.

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