Gun Control Zealots busy at work taxing and suing

Gun Control Zealots busy at work taxing and suingIn a pair of stories today, we’ll take a look at two cases of Gun Control Zealots’ end around methods of pricing firearms and ammunition out of the hands of the average law abiding citizen.

The first is blatantly bigoted and aimed at disenfranchising lower income households from keeping arms.  I say keeping arms and not bearing them because I am talking about Chicago Illinois where it is still illegal to carry a loaded weapon on your person.

Chicago has seen a continued rise in murders and as a result, Cook County has decided to combat this rampant criminal behavior by…wait for it…issuing a violence tax.  Yep.  They believe that they can TAX violence away.

But let us suspend the common sense reaction to this absurdity and actually break it down.  Murders are up by 25% yet murder is illegal in Cook County, last time I checked.  So, whereas these criminals have no issue in breaking a law and taking another persons life Cook County thinks making it more expensive for them to commit these crimes is going to stop them?  Hmmm…assuming that these criminals would even PAY a tax on a firearm (rather than just steal one or buy one on the street) the increased cost would most likely be covered by…oh I don’t know…COMMITTING MORE CRIME!

So then, who does this “violence tax” really affect?  Well, if you are the victim of a Chicago criminal’s trickle down larceny then it affects you.  But mostly it will affect the law abiding who do what is right, pay their taxes and so on.  That is the only people gun control really affects.  The people who are not committing crimes in the first place, who all ready follow the law and who have the screws put to them by gun grabbing zealots who attack their Second Amendment Rights under the veil of “Community Safety”.

It’s a crock.  Not only that, as I wrote in an earlier post about the roots of gun control, it is also racist and bigoted.  It targets poor people of whom minorities make up a large chunk in Chicago.  So, these gun control zealots are willing to make it harder for a  poor working family to protect their home in some of the areas most afflicted with crime.  So much for the 99%.

Once again, gun control zealots show their true colors.  Since McDonald vs Chicago they haven’t been able to deny people the right to keep arms outright, so the Chicago machine (filled with gun grabbing zealots) will try to price guns and ammo out of the budget of law abiding lower income families.  The hypocrisy would be comical if it wasn’t so repugnant.

A little to the East in Buffalo New York, activist judges of the New York Appellate Court reversed a lower courts ruling and allowed a lawsuit to go forward of a shooting victim against a firearm manufacturer and dealer.  Apparently the Appellate Court in New York doesn’t much care about the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, a 2005 federal law shielding gun makers from lawsuits over criminal use of their products.  I guess if you want to just rule around laws to further your personal agenda from the bench there is little to stop you from doing so.

Now, this story isn’t a happy one.  A 16 year old kid, Daniel Williams, was shot while playing basketball in his driveway apparently during a case of mistaken identity by gang banger Cornell Caldwell.  Caldwell bought the gun from James Bostic who used straw purchases to buy Hi Point Pistols and resell them on the street. I guess Caldwell and Bostic (aka the criminals) didn’t have enough money so the family decided to sue the dealer and the manufacturer.

Now, should the dealer have thought something was up when he sold 87 Hi Point Pistols to a single person paying cash?  Yep.  Just like a Doctor supplying drugs to a drug dealer, such reckless behavior should not be tolerated by the firearms community.  Not only does it make the community as a whole look bad, but it provides an opening for the gun grabbing zealots to ooze through and try to undermine the Second Amendment.

And that is what is happening now.  What is hard to swallow is that not only are gun grabbers and Williams attorney going after the dealer, they are going after the manufacturer themselves, Hi-Point.  For Williams Attorney I can only assume that he is going where the big money is, and for the Brady Campaign, they would like nothing more than to topple a gun manufacturer.

But for the common folk with common sense one has to beg the question: “How is Hi Point at fault?”

I mean, why not sue the steel company for providing the raw materials to make the pistols in the first place.  At that point, why not sue the mining company that mined the ore to make the steel.  I mean, surely they SHOULD have known that the ore would matriculate to a shooting in Buffalo.

Once more, the comedy of the absurd at the hands of the gun control crowd.  Groups like the Brady Campaign never much like blaming the actual criminals…no…they would much rather bankrupt firearm manufacturers.  And with less and less manufacturers the higher and higher the price will climb.

As for the judges who opened Pandora’s box, I wonder how’d they feel if a law was passed holding them personally responsible for every crime committed by a criminal they let off the hook.

Just another day in the Gun Control Community’s endless fight against the law abiding citizen.

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