Shall not be infringed…unless it makes the neighbors nervous?

Shall not be infringed…unless it makes the neighbors nervous?

In the quiet little town of Derry, NH Allan and Susan Fillingham decided to start a little online business from home.  With the economy in the state it is, it’s refreshing to see a pair of entrepreneurs actually starting something from scratch.  It seems like this should be something that is encouraged.

One would think that.  But when your home business is selling antique and collectible firearms online apparently all reason and sensibility by the masses is thrown out and the Fillingham’s are treated like they want to run a crack house.

Where usually the permit to operate a home business would be a formality, nervous Nelly’s around Derry decided to make a fuss and a special permit exception was passed by a vote of 3-2.  So the good news is that the permit passed and the Fillinghams can begin to operate their business.

The bad news…if you want to call it that…is some of the absurd statements by the neighbors who are surprisingly anti gun. Surprising because New Hampshire motto is: “Live Free or Die”.

Apparently in Derry it’s more like “Live Free so long as it makes no one else nervous or we’ll try and make your business die”

Here are some examples of the sentiments of neighbors and Zoning Board of Adjustment members:

ZBA Member Al Dimmock who voted against granting the permit questioned whether there would be shooting demonstrations at the residence. As if the Fillinghams would set up plates above the mantle in their living room and have people start blasting away in the house.

Dimmock joined with the other dissenter Don Burgess stating that the opposition from many in the neighborhood and stating that the business did not fit in with the character of the sleepy neighborhood.

So entrepreneurship and self reliance doesn’t fit with the character of the neighborhood?  Maybe the Fillingham’s should just get on the government dime so as not to offend anyone with their self reliance and drive.

As for those neighbors, they came across like clucking hens thinking that the sky is falling.

“We think having a business on our street, especially a firearms business, is inappropriate for the neighborhood,” said Hubbard Hill Road resident Kathryn Egan

Why “ESPECIALLY” a firearms business?  It amazes me how some people lose all reason when they hear the word firearm.  I have to imagine that Egan thinks that Hubbard Hill is going to turn into New Jack Cityjust because a competitive shooter decides to turn is passion into his livelihood.

As I said earlier, the permit was awarded.  Fortunately, level headed individuals such as ZBA Chairman Allan Virr brought some sense to the proceedings stating that the Fillinghams met the requirement to be granted a special exception for a home business, adding that there are many gun owners and collectors who keep guns in their homes.

Shame on the two board members and the neighbors who tried to impede both the Second Amendment and the American entrepreneurial spirit.

Always nice to end the week on a win.

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