Georgia treads on the 1st Amendment while attacking the 2nd

Gun grabbing zealots often let their disregard for the Second Amendment bleed into other enumerated rights.  Such an example can be found in Georgia where law abiding citizens are prohibited from carrying their firearms into places of worship.

Georgia treads on the 1st Amendment while attacking the 2nd

Now, this isn’t a church, synagogue or mosque saying they don’t want guns there…it is the government telling these places of worship they CAN’T ALLOW them.

A child praying over a meal in school, cheerleaders writing a bible quote on a banner, or a cross on a high school football helmet and the civil rights activists come storming in decrying separation of church and state blah blah blah.

But when the government forcibly dictates how a church must operate, those same people fall silent.  The First Amendment is written specifically to stop the government from dictating how a house of worship is to be operated.

Seeing how the separation of church and state crowd only view it as a one way street it is up to gun owners to fight the fight in order to kick government out of the pulpit.

Spearheaded by, the suit has initially been rejected by the state level courts and the 11th District of Appeals Court.  That means the only court left to hear this case and decide the matter will be the US Supreme Court if they decide to hear the case.

This story reminds me of my earlier posts concerning Derry New Hampshire mainly because of the idiocy that some of the people down in Georgia have espoused in regards to this issue.

Such as:

“Guns and church don’t mix,” said Shannon Johnson. “I don’t believe that you should have any kind of violent weapons near a church.

“If you need a gun to go to church, you don’t need to be there,” added Ronnie Russell.

Some people just refuse to learn from history.  I contend that you need a gun in church just as much as you need a gun to go to the movie theater, or to work, or to the store or to class in college.

Of course, when these places are gun free zones, like currently every house of worship is in Georgia, you are making it very easy for the bad men to do evil there.

Because guess what?  You are not disarming the psychopath whose looking to murder a bunch of people, no, you are actually facilitating his crime and the government is an accessory to murder.

The people you are disarming?  Ian Kilov.  Ian is a member of the Sandy Springs Gun Club, and he also carries a 9mm handgun in a holster at all times, except when he enters his synagogue.

“It’s quite scary in a way,” said Kilov. “Not that everything’s ever happened at our synagogue or church – but if it were to, I would feel very foolish.”

So…Ian will follow the law.  The guy who is about to commit murder is all ready willing to break that law…do you honestly think he’ll give a damn about your little gun prohibition?

I hope the Supreme Court takes this case and overturns the lower courts ruling because the government has no place in religion and any gun free zone that can be eliminated is a step against mass murder.

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