Unconstitutional and Illegal?  Philadelphia and Nutter do not care

Once again Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter (that’s his real name and aptly so) and the crooked government of Philadelphia has tried to use illegal and harassing measures to strip its citizens of their Second Amendment rights.

Pennsylvania’s Legislature has full preemption over gun laws within the Commonwealth and as such, any law that is passed by a local municipality that seeks to pass gun measures beyond what the legislature all ready has put forth is null, void and unenforceable.

That doesn’t seem to bother Nutter (a part of Bloombergs cabal of Mayors Against Illegal Guns) and his cronies though, as they have continued to pass measure after measure only to have it beaten in court at the cost of the taxpayers.  That’s right, they KNOW it is unenforceable but they pass these measures anyways and force the court to affirm they are unenforceable.  But Nutter isn’t paying out of his pocket for the legal fees, no, John and Jane Q Taxpayer have to foot the bill for Nutters folly.  The idea is that gun owners will eventually tire and let Philadelphia and its seemingly bottomless pit of taxpayer money win by attrition.

Now, the thugs of Philadelphia’s government decided on a new tactic to harass gun owners.  They made their information public.  Not only the fact as to which residents have a PA License to Carry a Firearm but also the reasons WHY they requested one and even posted an interactive map online with a point and click interface to get you door to door directions as to where these license holders live.

This information was posted online on the Dept. of Licenses and Inspections website over the summer.  Not only was this patently illegal, as Pennsylvania has a law keeping such information confidential, but also ethically repugnant as it endangered lives.

For instance, a Philadelphia Pastor who carries a large sum of money and drives a nice car was “outed” by the L&I dept.  His name (which I won’t use) address and reason for his License (I CARRY A LOT OF MONEY FOR WORK) were out there for anyone with computer access to look up.

After appropriate outrage by gun owners and Pennsylvania’s Firearm Owners Against Crime, L&I removed the information.  But as they say, you can’t un-ring a bell and lawsuits of those whose confidential information was released are pending.

Mayor Nutter’s defense?  According to his spokesman spokesman, Mark McDonald, the L&I information is public record because permit holders or applicants waive their right to confidentiality when they appeal a permit denial or revocation.

Now, that is akin to saying that your vote is a matter of public record so you shouldn’t have the expectancy of privacy in how you cast your ballot.  With such “transparency” we open ourselves up as a society to the possibility of intimidation, harassment  and threats not only from those who would disagree with us but also from the government who would dictate how we are supposed to vote.

The fact that Philadelphia once again goes against the laws of the Commonwealth without any repercussions against the criminals in charge such as Mayor Nutter and his cronies is a shame.  Once again the taxpaying citizens are going to foot the bill for the corruption of city hall.

Unfortunately, Philadelphia being so large and the current assembly not having the stones to push for it, a version of Florida’s Preemption Violation Law would have provided much needed penalties for municipality officials that violate gun laws and ignore Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisions to the detriment of law abiding gun owners. Ironic that gun control zealots have no problem passing laws that criminals won’t follow but won’t pass a measure that would punish their own criminal activities.

The law in Florida, which went into effect on Oct. 1st of this year, holds elected officials liable for passing laws or allowing laws to remain that go against preemption with a $5000 fine that has to be paid personally by the culprit as well as the ability for the Governor of Florida to remove the violator from office.

Now THAT is a gun law I can get behind in Pennsylvania.  But alas, as I said, the Assembly as a whole just didn’t have the stones for it.

It just sickens me the hypocrisy of Nutter and his cronies.  They think more gun control will be effective because obviously criminals follow the rules, yet Nutter and his cronies knowingly break the law because they face no personal repercussions.

If I lived in Philadelphia I would be sickened by this.  Though, in all honesty, I have to say Pittsburgh has sickened me at times to.  Especially when Council Woman Tonya Payne said this in regards to an unconstitutional ordinance they passed violating preemption:

“Who really cares about it being unconstitutional?” said Councilwoman Tonya Payne “This is what’s right to do, and if this means that we have to go out and have a court battle, then that’s fine”

Of course, who is going to pay for that court battle Ms. Payne? It sure as hell isn’t going to be you.  This is why Pennsylvania needs the Florida Preemption Violation Law.  So Constitution hating political sleaze like Tonya Payne are held personally and financially responsible for her disdain for the American process.  I guarantee you that Payne and those like her would start caring about what is constitutional and what isn’t when its their paychecks on the line.

Unconstitutional and Illegal? Philadelphia and Nutter do not care

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