This is what happens when politicians only hear from gun fearing snivelers

This is what happens when politicians only hear from gun fearing snivelers

Since the state of Kansas does not have preemption with regards to firearm laws, any town or city can pass their own infringements on the Second Amendment leaving the state a nightmare to try and traverse.

Recently though, the Attorney General of Kansas,  wrote an opinion stating: ““A city may not completely prohibit the open carry of a loaded firearm on one’s person.”

That served as a wake up call to places like Wichita and Overland Park to hop on the trolley and retract their unconstitutional ban on open carrying.  Overland Park just recently enacted the legalization of open carrying a few weeks ago.
Even though the streets did not run red with blood and there WERE NOT daily shoot outs like the fictionalized old west, don’t tell that to gun haters.  They have been out in full force to decry the attack on their sensibilities in seeing a law abiding citizen with a pistol on their hip.
To quote Jim Hix, City Council Member, directly, “The public has not been pleased.”
I strongly doubt “the public” has not been pleased but rather a group of whiny gun hating servile government sycophants have been vocal about their irrational fear.  As such, since they are the only voice being heard the city council of Overland Park is now reconsidering the Open Carrying law that they passed some few scant weeks ago.
What do they want to change?  They want to force open carriers to pay the state in order to practice their 2nd Amendment rights, ie get a concealed weapons permit in order to open carry.
What the city council wimps don’t realize is that those infringements won’t placate the few people who are pedaling their irrationality.  Just listen to some of the “concerns” these gun haters have:

Laveriss Steadham of Overland Park thinks the city made a mistake to allow open carry of weapons in the first place and wishes that residents had been given a chance to vote on the idea.

“I would love to see some restrictions,” she said of the proposed changes.

She says she wants restrictions, but what does that mean?  It means she wants guns to go away because the only way to restrict open carry to remove the main issue that gun haters have with open carry is to outlaw open carry.

Another resident of the city, Florence Erickson, said the open carry law, with or without the proposed restrictions, is “ludicrous” in the way it could make guns more commonplace. She and her husband, Gary Erickson, worry older people carrying weapons may have “a mental lapse” or that they may fall victims to young people wanting to steal a weapon.

The keeping and bearing of arms is “ludicrous” to Mrs. Erickson.  Not only does she allow her gun hating side to beam through she backs it up with basic gun control fear mongering and ageist bigotry saying that old people  are helpless and frail and fall victim to young criminals.

Well, to that I say this and this and this. (links to old people being awesome)

Then you have Paul Lyons who initially voted against the change and wanted to keep the ban on open carry in place.  He is of the ilk that states that someones feelings trump another’s constitutional rights:

“People who would see that would be concerned and might be somewhat intimidated by a person doing that,”

I know old Jewish people in Squirrel Hill Pennsylvania that are intimidated by black people.  Should we ban black people from that part of Pittsburgh?  Your feelings are your own and you have a right to them, but they do not trump my Constitutionally enumerated rights and for the council to even consider the revocation of a law they just passed because of baseless and irrational fear of ninnies is just pathetic.

Lyons would go on to say that there’s no reason for a person to need to openly carry in Overland Park.  I guess the Constitution doesn’t hold much pull with Councilman Lyons.

Lyons is quoted as saying this though, since the Government trumps the Constitution and knows better:

“It certainly is not for self-protection because if they wanted it for protection, they would have the option of obtaining a concealed permit.”

So, instead of an inalienable right that we are born with, Councilman Lyons believes that the Second Amendment is not a right but rather a privilege that can be given or rejected at the governments whim.

This is what happens when there is a sound vacuum and only one voice is being heard.  Weak willed politicians go with whatever the way the wind blows.

If you live in Kansas, especially if you live in Wichita or Overland Park, I suggest that you contact your local government and decry the outrage at their consideration of infringing on your right to keep and bear arms openly.  Overland Park will move on the matter next month so you do not have much time.


Here is the contact list for every city council member of Overland Park:  Contact info Overland Park

Here is the feedback form for the Wichita City Council:  City Council Feedback Form

Let your voices be heard

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