Philadelphia…a city of brotherly thugs

Oh Pennsylvania, what has happened to you?  Not only do we elect a Bloomberg backed anti gun zealot for Attorney General, you allow Philadelphia to be run by an incompetent moron who allows the continual harassment of law abiding citizens by over zealous and bullying cops.  Fitting that the Liberty Bell cracked in Philadelphia.

First, lets talk about Kathleen G Kane.  The G, one could believe stands for “gun killing” since Kane seems hellbent on doing everything in her power to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment Rights of Pennsylvanians.

Kane received a perfect score on CeaseFirePA’s questionnaire. For those outside of the state CeaseFirePA is basically a statewide version of the Brady Campaign who follow similar paths toward the infringements of rights of the populace.  In particular Kane has committed to a review of all concealed carry reciprocity agreements currently in place between Pennsylvania and other states,including Florida, and renegotiating or terminating those that do not meet Pennsylvania’s standards.

A PERFECT SCORE!?!?!  While I couldn’t find the questionnaire sent out to candidates I did find a written response to it from a state Senatorial candidate.  Basically, for Kane to get a perfect score she agreed with every Right infringing suggestion that CeasefirePA wants to push forward.  Currently  Pennsylvanians enjoy reciprocity with 28 other states, when Rights Killing Kane gets through with it who knows how many will be left.

She wants to ban “assault weapons”, spend millions on Gun Violence Task Forces, strip the state of preemption and allow local government to make up their own gun laws, and believes that the right to keep and bear arms is not an individuals constitutional right.

Good job Pennsylvania, you elected a Bloomberg clone for our Attorney General whose main function for the next four years, BECAUSE SHE SAID IT WILL BE, is to crush our right to keep and bear arms.  Bloomberg’s  $600,000 was well spent apparently.

Speaking of Bloomberg and his cadre of Constitution hating Mayors against guns, Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia is once again turning a blind eye and letting the rogue element of his police force get out of hand.

Open carry of a firearm within the city limits of Philadelphia is legal with a Pennsylvania License to Carry a Firearm.  In the rest of the state the LTCF is not needed to Open Carry.  Perhaps, since Nutter and the city of Brotherly thugs are not used to Open Carriers the first instance of Police harassment and brutality could be overlooked as a lack of education.

I am speaking of the incident in that took place in 2011 with Mark Fiorino being assaulted by the Philadelphia PD (for open carrying) and threatened to being murdered for doing nothing wrong.  He was awarded $25,000 (paid for by the taxpayers because Nutter and the guilty cops don’t have to pony up money for breaking the law) and was promised that the entire police department would be re-educated so such an incident would not happen again.

Well, apparently since Nutter and his crooked police force don’t have to actually pay for the crimes they commit (enjoy that Philly taxpayers?) they decide to ignore things like ethics and the law and have once again harassed an Open Carrier in Philadelphia.  This time, Joshua Rodriquez was simply on his way to the barber shop when he was bullied by badge wearing thugs.  These officers tried to brow beat Mr. Rodriquez with lies about the legality of what he was doing and tried to make a public spectacle of him.  Fortunately for Josh he,  like Fiorino, was recording the incident and as such has evidence of the harassment.

I hope that once again this type of thuggish behavior by the PPD is properly dealt with and a suit is won by Mr. Rodriquez.  Perhaps after another tax payer funded abuse settlement the denizens of Philadelphia will decide to elect someone better than Nutter, who doesn’t condone the actions of these keystone koppers

All in all I am worried Pennsylvania.  Sure, Pittsburgh has shades of blue but at least the county is up to thinking for itself and its Police Department, while initially having issues with Open Carry know how to learn from their mistakes and aren’t corrupt like Philadelphia.

But with Nutter and his thug force running Philadelphia into the ground and Kathleen “Gun Killer” Kane soon to run the Attorney General’s office I am having my doubts about the future of the Second Amendment in the Commonwealth.

And to the big talkers in the State Houses that have promised pro gun bills like Constitutional Carry, holding municipality officials liable for passing unconstitutional gun control laws and the Firearm Freedom Act, I am sorely disappointed in your being nothing but paper tigers.  Or perhaps paper RINO’s is more appropriate.

WAKE UP PENNSYLVANIA, the death of the Second Amendment comes right quick.  Philadelphia can’t be sold to New Jersey (wouldn’t that be nice) so we have to battle against the city that has lost all sense of history in order to save the Commonwealth.

Hold your legislators accountable to the promises they made concerning the 2nd Amendment and do not let them negotiate those promises away to the whims of foul fetid fuming foggy filthy Philadelphia.

I’m feelin ya John…I’m feelin ya.

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