How Obama Will Ban Guns without Congressional Approval

How Obama Will Ban Guns without Congressional Approval

In Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The Purloined Letter”, the criminal fools the police by hiding the stolen letter in plain sight.  While the police were expecting all these elaborate twists and turns, the thief just cleverly disguised his crime simply so that nearly none could deduce it.

So too, does President Obama plan on banning guns in such an outright simple way.  And in so doing making it all the more nefarious.

Will Obama try to continue to push for the UN Arms Trade Treaty that will cripple the industry and force a national firearms registration for all participants of said treaty?  Yes.

Will Obama continue to pack the courts with militantly anti-gun judges?  Yes.

But these are just misdirection.  Because, while Second Amendment activists can rouse the masses and fight against such moves by entreating our Senators against such madness, Obama will quietly be changing the rules to which he need not seek permission from anyone.

The law he would utilize is all ready on the books and will undermine the 2nd Amendment by criminalizing millions of guns currently in the possession of law abiding citizens.

I speak of the Gun Control Act of 1968.  How can Obama accomplish the banning of so many guns?  Simple…he will just reclassify them.  All Obama has to do is instruct the BATF to classify semiautomatic firearms and multiple capacity ammunition feeding devices as Title 2 National Firearms Act items under the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Title II of the Gun Control Act of 1968 is a revision of the National Firearms Act of 1934, and pertains to machine guns, short or “sawed-off” shotguns and rifles, and so-called “destructive devices” (including grenades, mortars, rocket launchers, large projectiles, and other heavy ordnance). Acquisition of these weapons is subject to prior approval of the Attorney General, and federal registration is required for possession. Generally, a $200 tax is imposed upon each transfer or making of any Title II weapon.

With the reclassification of so called “Assault Rifles” and large capacity magazines to fall under Title II, the Federal Government can all but ban outright millions upon millions of guns.  Unless you expect Eric “we must brainwash people against guns” Holder or others of his ilk to be doling out approval for these weapons.

Can’t happen?  But it has…and relatively recently.  In 1994 during the Clinton Administration, the one that brought us the last so called “Assault” Weapons Ban, the USAS-12, Striker 12 and Streetsweeper shotguns were all reclassified requiring them to be registered, taxed and confiscated if approval wasn’t extended.

So, not only does Obama have the means to reclassify a whole slew of weapons that he deems unfit for private citizens, he even has a precedent to go off of.

I’m not saying that the sky is falling…i’m saying it has all ready crashed and now we have to fight to try and mitigate the damage as best we can.

One of the best ways to go about doing that is push your state into passing a Firearms Freedom Act.  Basically, any weapon that is made in the state and retained therein would not be regulated or fall under the purview of the Federal government since it isn’t involved in interstate commerce.

States rights vs Federal infringements.

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