Voice your disapproval with your wallet

Much like your average politician, many businesses are spineless craven entities that have little backbone and will only do what is in their best interest at a given moment.

Then there are true believers.  Politicians and businesses and voices that will stand up for what they believe in all the time, regardless of backlash, political expediency, or loss of revenue.  These latter true believers should not only be admired but also supported.

Being principled is a difficult road to travel.

That is why we must support principled politicians who have always stood strong by the 2nd Amendment as well as businesses who will not cave under the sensationalized media hysteria and astro turf activism by liberty hating gun grabbers

That is why stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods should be avoided.  Not only have they ceased selling sporting rifles but they have gone so far as to not honor the sales they have all ready made.

There are other places to purchase these weapons and sporting gear and I for one will seek them out.  I do not wish to be a patron of a company that would so easily turn against the Second Amendment.  I would rather reward those who are stalwarts with the Constitution by being stalwart with them.

While I am on the subject, I’m not sure I have mentioned this before but the Wounded Warrior Project, whose claims to help those wounded in defense of our country and constitution  are rabidly anti gun.  Oh sure, they’ll take funds generated by gun companies and sellers but the WWP big wigs refuse any official connection to anything regarding guns.

Much like Black professional athletes of the 50′s playing on white teams, we are good enough to help them succeed, yet they don’t want to be associated with us or for us to stay in the same hotels.

There are a number of great charities that help and support our wounded veterans who have sacrificed so much so that we can remain free.  Let us not cheapen their sacrifice by supporting an organization that doesn’t even believe in Constitution that they were fighting for.

Then there are the backers of the anti-gunners.  Businesses that support those who would try and subvert the right to keep and bear arms.  The Journal News in New York has created and published an online database showing pinpoint directions to the homes of those with a firearms permit.  The masses responded by creating a database of the locations of the office and homes of those who work at the Journal News.  As you can imagine those at the Journal News didn’t care for that bit of turnaround.

After the backlash the Journal News decided to complete their hypocrisy by hiring armed guards to protect them.  The Journal News is unrepentant in their thuggish attempts to shame gun owners so appealing to them might be moot.  But the paper lives on local advertisements and as such, New Yorkers of the area start pressuring the businesses that support the Journal News to stop, that may put an end to the witch hunts that those gun grabbers are foaming at the mouth for.

I guess the point is this.  Those who will brave the storm and stand with the 2nd Amendment should be rewarded for it.  Those who are wishy washy should hear our voices so that they know that their actions against the 2nd Amendment will have greater repercussions than some artificial agenda driven outrage that the Bloombergs and Feinsteins of the world can muster.

I am reminded of one of my favorite movies, Scent of a Woman.  In one of the final scenes the character Charlie Simms was given the opportunity to betray his principles for his own advancement.  Not doing so would come at a high price.

There’s something to be said for being uncompromising…it’s not always easy…but no one ever said doing the right thing always was.

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