School’s back…but what has changed?

School’s back…but what has changed?

Today marks the first day back for students and faculty of Sandy Hook Elementary after a lunatic murdered 20 children and six adults.  They are holding the classes in another building seven miles away from where the massacre took place.

That is one difference.  But I was wondering, with all this agenda driven, gun control hysteria that’s being stoked by the likes of Sen. Feinstein and Pres. Obama  what has actually been done to make these children safer?

I mean, if the gun control zealots are going to exploit the deaths of 26 people for their own agenda you’d think they would offer up solutions that would have stopped the massacre in the first place.

Of course, since the majority of the gun control measures proposed were all ready in place in CT, that just means that the gun grabbers don’t have a solution and would prefer to capitalize on the death of innocent children to duplicate the agenda that failed in the first place.

But for Newtown Connecticut, they (for at least a little while) have embraced a solution that was roundly mocked by pundits and gun control advocates alike.

Namely, today at Sandy Hook Elementary there are armed police guarding and protecting the children.  My question is why?

I mean, Sandy Hook Elementary isn’t an affluent private school the likes of President Obama’s daughters and David Gregory’s children attend.  They have armed guards of course because for some reason, rich gun grabbers don’t care about their own hypocrisy.

But they keep telling us that guns aren’t the answer.  So why then are there people at that school today armed to defend those children?

BECAUSE FIREARMS DETER CRIME.  Criminals and crazies are often times cowards.  They target the weak, the helpless and the defenseless.  Criminals to maximize their crimes, crazies to maximize their body count.

Yet the mere presence of a law abiding citizen or law officer, ready to defend the sheep against the wolves, is enough to move them onto easier targets.  Unfortunately, while Sandy Hook is protected today, there are hundreds of Schools in CT that are defenseless and prime hunting ground for those with evil intent.

I wonder what the thought is.  Do the officials fear a copy cat attack and are protecting the school?  Most likely.  But what about all the other schools.  They are just as likely to be a target by someone CRAZY enough to steal some guns and commit such a heinous act.

I guess all those schools and all those children are on their own.  I guess in the minds of some, you must experience a tragedy first before you are allowed to protect yourself from it repeating.

That goes along the line of thinking that many who carry for self defense have in relation to police.  The job of law officers is to investigate crime, not to stop it.

So in all those other schools without protection today, where Principals are denied the right to defend themselves and their charges in loco parentis, I guess they just need to be sacrificed on the alter of gun control to sate the agenda driven lust of Feinstein, Bloomberg and Obama.

If guns weren’t the answer, then why are they present at Sandy Hook today?

And if guns ARE the answer…why aren’t they at every other school too.

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