Can’t define it with words? Use a picture book

Apparently, the gun grabbing zealots are a lot like the layman art critic who says, “I don’t know art, but I know what I like”.  Only in this version it’s, “I don’t know guns, but if they are black and scary then I want them banned”.

I am speaking of the grabbers long cherished boogeyman, the so called “assault weapon”.  Why do I use the term “so called”?  Because if you ask a dozen rabid mouth foaming gun control zealots to define what an assault weapon is, after they inundate you with the vitriol of why you don’t need them and nonsense like the founders only intending you to have muskets, chances are you will get a dozen different answers.

You see, when the grabbers decided to come up with this spooky term, it was enough just to point to any black gun and say, assault weapon.  Mainstream America wasn’t as initiated in the finer points of the firearm industry as they are now.

So it was simply a matter of playing on peoples fear of the unknown.  Affixing the term “assault” to any weapon makes it sound more menacing without having to actually define it.

An assault knife, an assault ax, an assault vehicle.

See?  All I was describing was a steak knife, a double sided ax and a pick up truck…but they SOUNDED menacing and if you just accepted the term out of ignorance then you may decide these things are innately violent.

But it has been some 20 years since the term was hijacked into the American lexicon by gun control zealots and over the past 2 decades the American people have started to become familiar with these weapons.

AR style rifles are the best selling rifle in the nation.

Now the gun control zealots have a problem.  Where they once had used ignorance and terminology to scare the American public into acquiescence, a more discerning populace is looking for definitions.

Enter Dianne Feinstein and her Picture Book!

Yep, Feinstein and her gun grabbing cronies will point to pictures in a book and will ban the ones that are scary looking.

Never mind that assault weapons are hardly ever used in crime (1/5th of 1%) and that the last assault weapons ban had no impact on the reduction of crime.

Never mind that law abiding citizens are not the ones who commit crime to begin with and that criminals will ignore whatever ban is put in place.

Never mind how disgusting the hoplophobia and hypocrisy Feinstein and others display by being protected by these weapons while denying them to the average American.

Never mind all that.  They want to ban guns that LOOK SCARY TO THEM.

Think about that. At what point does every gun begin to look scary to them?  If we allow this kindergarten approach to gain any traction in the halls of congress we run the risk of opening Pandora’s Box.

Continue to contact your legislators and have them find the courage to stand up to Feinstein and her Sesame Street approach to legislation.

Speaking of which, I wonder if Feinstein will utilize the power of The Count when pitching her 10 bullet Magazine limit.

M~ Count

Todays blog is brought to you by the letters G, O, A and the number 2

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