Connecticut seeks law to ostracize gun owners

Connecticut seeks law to ostracize gun owners

In the wake of liberal rag The Journal News crusade to try and intimidate and harass law abiding gun owners in New York, Connecticut lawmakers are looking to follow suit.

Democrat State Rep. Stephen Dargan has introduced legislation that would reverse a 20 year old law barring the release of 170,000 CT firearm owners home information to the public.  Dargan has tried to spin this as not pitting pro gun vs anti gun people but rather ““to get a broader discussion going on gun issues and mental health in the state.”

My question, is how does this legislation actually HELP anything?  How does it decrease crime?  How does it lessen the likelihood of a school shooting?  How does it do ANYTHING other than try and ostracize gun owners and put non gun owners on criminal wish lists?

Oh yeah…this isn’t only an attack on gun owners, but it also makes it easier for criminals to target defenseless homes.  Not to mention it makes women who are armed and in hiding in order to protect themselves from abusive relationships vulnerable.

Not only does Dargan want to try and publically shame gun owners because he thinks the Connecticut society he associates himself with will collectively shun gun owners, but also he doesn’t care that it victimizes abused women and makes targets out of those people who don’t personally believe in the 2nd Amendment.  Not to mention Officers of the law who now face the fact that criminals they have put away have a roadmap (literally) to their front door, endangering not only them but their families.

State Rep. Dargan is the worst kind of public servant.  He cares little to nothing about his actions or the ramifications of his legislation but rather just wants to get his name associated with the cause celebre that his high brow intelligentsia have come to support.

The self serving aggrandizing of slugs like Dargan is really putrid and it is going to get people killed.  I’ll go so far as to say that he doesn’t care who has to die so long as his war on the 2nd Amendment is pushed forward along with his rise in the gun control circles.

I’m done with talking about filth like Dargan for now.  I’m going to put something in perspective for you that you can counter to people who think making road maps to firearm owners houses is a good idea.

I have nieces and nephews, young children from a few months old to pre teen.  AIDS still exists in America and I do not want them to run the risk of being in an environment that may present them with the opportunity to be infected.

As such, I want newspapers to publish the names and addresses of every HIV or AIDS infected person so that I know where they are and I can pass that information onto their parents so they can make the decision whether or not to associate with those people.

I mean, kids are young and maybe someone gets cut by accident or their friends parents are infected and are making them a snack of fruit and vegetables and cuts themselves and bleeds on the food and serves it unknowingly.  That endangers my nieces and nephews and as such I should be made aware of all people infected with HIV and AIDS in order to know whether or not I want my family to associate with them.

I DARE gun control zealots like Dargan and his ilk to drop their hypocrisy and openly support the HIV and AIDS registration and dissemination of that list…you know…for the children.

As usual, when it comes to their hypocrisy, I’m pretty sure I will be answered with deafening silence.  If I, or someone else, were to seriously offer this idea for legislation Dargan, the ACLU, and the cadre of liberal gun grabbing zealots who support the Journal News, would virulently claim that I am trying to shun or shame people with HIV or AIDS out of society or at least my neighborhood.

Yet, for some reason, they don’t want to admit that that is exactly their intention of publishing the names and addresses of gun owners.  I guess when you exploit the death of children for your own petty and personal agenda a little hypocrisy is not too much of an extra burden.

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