Emperor Obama desires to bypass laws and rule by fiat

Emperor Obama desires to bypass laws and rule by fiat

Barack Obama’s # 1 henchman, Joe Biden, has let it slip that Obama will consider moving forward to ban guns unilaterally using executive orders.

Joe Biden, one of the chief authors of the Brady Bill who introduced it in the Senate, has been tapped by the self styled Emperor Obama to head up a task force on gun violence.  The name of this task force is a misnomer though as it is not looking to deal with any type of solution toward actual gun violence.  Rather, it is comprised of gun grabbers whose main objective is the banning of guns for law abiding people and the rewriting of the 2nd Amendment.

The task force met with representatives of the following groups on Wednesday:

• Arizona for Gun Safety
• Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence
• Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus & States United to Prevent Gun Violence
• Cease Fire Pennsylvania
• CT Against Gun Violence
• Cure Violence
• Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence
• Mayors Against Illegal Guns
• Protect Minnesota
• Violence Policy Center
• Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort

While you have a geographically ranging of gun grabbing groups, you will see that classics like the Brady Campaign are in attendance as well as the Bloomberg run mob of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  These groups have been outspoken and consistent in their hatred for the right of free people to keep and bear arms.

Fitting that Bloomberg’s group would be in attendance when Biden discussed the possibility that Obama would run this country like a dictator, outside the democratic process of passing laws and representational governance.  Bloomberg has run New York City in the same fashion for years.

The Dictator in Chief must be stopped because once he starts ruling by fiat to undermine not only the 2nd Amendment but the very nature of our Republic, we may wake up one day soon as servants in an Obama-Nation.

Not only does Obama hate the 2nd Amendment (a fact that Gun Owners of America have chronicled since his Chicago days) but apparently he also has decided that he can openly reveal his disdain for America and the entirety of the Constitution without repercussions from the electorate.

Not for not, but a power hungry tyrant who will ignore the democratically elected government in order to impose his own will upon the people is kind of exactly what the 2nd Amendment is meant to stop.  Just sayin.

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