State and School buck the Obama Narrative

State and School buck the Obama Narrative

In encouraging news, the State of Wyoming and the School District of Montpelier Ohio have decided to embrace the 2nd Amendment in defense of their freedom and their charges.

In Wyoming, legislation has been proposed that would protect gun ownersfrom any federal bans on assault weapons or large-capacity magazines by making federal laws against semiautomatic rifles and clips unenforceable within the state.  Not only does it state that it will protect gun owners from federal laws infringing upon their rights, but also backs it up by charging a felony to any federal agent who would try enforce a federal anti-gun law within the state.

For a state who prides itself for its defense of Civil Rights, going so far as officially nicknaming itself, “The Equality State”, I am not surprised that Wyoming would stand firm in defense of the rights of its citizens.

If more states join Wyoming along with the other states that have all ready passed similar Firearms Protection Acts, combined they can force the federal government and the Obama Administration to back down from their attack on the 2nd Amendment.

In the Montpelier School District in Ohio, the school board has approved a resolution that would allow some staff members to have firearms on school grounds.  Ohio Revised Code prohibits any and all guns on school property unless the individual has a concealed carry license and  “has written authorization from the board of education or governing body of a school to convey deadly weapons”.  Montpelier has decided to give that written authorization in order to protect the children.

It is good to see that common sense still exists in places and that the children of Montpelier are just as precious as Obama’s daughters and as such shouldn’t be denied similiar protection from the evil that exists in the world.

Would any parent prefer their school age child go a school that proclaims itself a “gun free zone” or would they rather have someone there, in loco parentis, willing and able to stop a criminal with murder on his mind?

The gun control zealots can squawk all they want about their twisted sense that an inanimate object can be evil, but if they would prefer their children to attend a school that keeps them as prey and unprotected, one must wonder about the fitness they have as a parent.  At least Obama and David Gregory are hypocrites…but if your hoplophobia endangers your children, what kind of parent are you?

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