Since when is being practical, paranoia?

Since when is being practical, paranoia?

I was thinking over the weekend about how often I have needed to use my seat belt because I got into a car accident.  Surprisingly, it was the same number of times I have had to use my gun to protect myself or someone else.

Now, when I wear my seat belt nobody tells me I’m being paranoid about being t-boned, nor do they tell me I have been watching too many car movies like Fast and Furious and am styling myself as Vin Diesel.  Nobody says that I am looking to get into car crashes.  Nobody tells me that if I too scared not to go out in the world without my seat belt on that I should just stay inside.  Nobody questions my manhood for wearing a seat belt nor do they make some allusion to my seat belt compensating for something.

No.  No one tells me that taking the small precaution of buckling up is anything other than a sound and safe action (and in some places the law).  But yet, even though I have needed my seat belt as often as I have needed my side arm, the gun control zealots admonish me for carrying a gun.

They tell me that I am being paranoid, that I am looking for trouble, that if I am too scared to go out in the world without a gun I should just stay home.  Yet, I bet they wear their seat belts.

They will call gun owners paranoid.  In truth we are just realists.  Evil exists in the world.  That’s a fact.  And no law or legislation will eliminate evil.  But that brings up an interesting dynamic.  Isn’t it really the rabid gun control zealots who are paranoid?

I mean, they want to infringe upon the rights of everyone in America just so that they can feel safe, not actually be safe.  If you disarm the lawful then the unlawful have easy targets.  How many “gun free” zone tragedies do we have to see before we realize that evil doesn’t care about the stupid sign.  Are gun control zealots so paranoid of an inanimate object that they would rather delude themselves into thinking that they don’t exist by denying the law abiding access to them?  That is akin to saying that drunk drivers don’t exist in my town because I live in a dry county.

To go back to my earlier allusion, driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal yet people still do it; speeding is against the law but it is done; driving recklessly is also a no-no yet it is done everyday and30,000 people die every year because of these violations.

Yet the paranoid gun control zealots would have us believe that by stripping the law abiding from their 2nd Amendment rights they would somehow stamp out evil and nefarious intent.  Even in an authoritarian society as China, the absence of guns does not equate to the absence evil.

In the past 2 years a series of uncoordinated mass stabbings, hammer attacks, and cleaver attacks in the People’s Republic of China. The spate of attacks left at least 25 dead and some 115 injured.  I guess we should ban knives, hammers and cleavers too.

Understanding that evil exists in the world is not paranoia.  Just like wearing your seat belt, having home owners insurance and going to the dentist for a cleaning aren’t symptoms of paranoia…just common sense.

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