New York Gov exploits death of 20 children to pass worthless gun control measures

New York Gov exploits death of 20 children to pass worthless gun control measures

The politicians in Albany have decided that now is the time to push forward their radical anti-gun agenda while the blood is still fresh from the deaths of 26 innocent people.  By the end of today the State Assembly will follow the lead of the State Senate and pass the draconian gun control measures that Gov. Cuomo has been harping on for the past month.

Why do I call this exploitation and not a reasoned response to a tragedy?  Simple.  If this was a valid response to the Sandy Hook tragedy then SOME measure of this bill would have stopped the tragedy from happening in the first place if it had been enacted in Connecticut.

But no, the bill is a wish list for gun control zealots chock full of infringements that would not have been able to pass if not augmented with the blood of dead children due to sensationalized hysteria of the liberal 24 hour news cycle.

So what does this bill, ridiculously named the NY SAFE act, do?  For starters, the moment it is signed all magazines that can hold more than 7 bullets are made illegal.  Magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds and manufactured before 1994, which are currently legal, would have to be turned over to authorities or sold out of state within one year. If a magazine has a capacity between eight and 10, it would have to be retrofitted to only hold seven rounds.

Apparently it’s just a numbers game.  Cuomo has been spouting off saying “No one needs 10 rounds to kill a deer”.  Once again this shows the ignorance of gun grabbers who falsely believe that the 2nd Amendment has anything to do with hunting.

The Second Amendment isn’t about shooting deer, it’s about shooting tyrants.

Cuomo unwittingly though, revealed himself for the craven gun grabbing zealot that he is with that reasoning.  If shooting deer is going to be the litmus test for magazines then it allows for further restrictions.  Of the hunters I know, it only takes one shot to kill a deer.  But for all the double barreled shotgun users out there Cuomo might allow 2 rounds.  So this slippery slope of magazine restrictions based on deer hunting opens the door to limit magazines to 2 rounds.

Why wouldn’t this stop the Sandy Hook massacre?  A few reasons, since the school was a gun free zone full of women and children, even if the shooter had to stop and reload after 7 magazines, no one was going to use that time to return fire on him, nor were they going to charge and tackle him to the ground.

Funny how Cuomo and other gun control zealots like to dismiss gun owners as watching too many movies because they are willing to shoot back at an armed assailant, yet they propose that it is more logical that people pull a Batman and go hand to hand commando in the moments between the shooters reloading.

The SAFE Act further abolishes the NYS lifetime permit and now will be needed to be renewed every 5 years.  Not only is this a pointless hassle for law abiding gun owners, it also opens up the ability for the issuing body to say no, on a whim, to someone who has had their license issued by a more gun friendly issuer.  New York is a may issue state after all, and anytime you have to ask to exercise your right you play roulette with whether or not you will be denied.  On top of that there is the ability to make the fees for the permit cost prohibited for the working man, as such only the rich and privileged will be able to afford one.

Why wouldn’t this stop the Sandy Hook massacre?  Because the shooter didn’t have a license to carry in the first place and as a rule criminals don’t follow the law to begin with.

Within one year, the state will set up an instant background check system for all ammunition purchases. Law enforcement would be alerted to large purchases of ammunition.  Pointless invasion of privacy and a hassle to gun owners who may blow through a thousand rounds every time they go to the range.  Plus, where will the money come to cover yet another New York bureaucracy?  Most likely a bullet tax.

Why wouldn’t this stop the Sandy Hook massacre?  The shooter stole the guns AND the bullets.

Then there is the granddaddy of them all.  The so called “assault” weapons ban.  Assault weapons — defined as any rifle with a “military style” feature, such as a bayonet or a telescoping stock — that are currently owned would be grandfathered and would have to be registered with the state.  It is said that registering is the first step to confiscation.  The bill was written in such a way to make just that happen. The rifles will be grandfathered only for you and cannot be transferred, EVER.  So even when you die the guns must be turned over to the state to be destroyed.  That is CONFISCATION.  It’s just a long con.  Within one generation, these weapons will be completely gone in the hands of the law abiding citizens in New York.  Criminals of course will get them easily. I mean, the war on drugs hasn’t stopped people from getting high, why would the war on guns stop criminals from getting theirs?

Why wouldn’t this stop the Sandy Hook massacre? The shooter STOLE the guns and besides he primarily used a pair of pistols.  You are more likely to be killed by being beaten to death by an attackers bare hands than you are from any type of rifle.

Furthermore, Cuomo showed his true colors by waiving the 3 day aging period for bills, set up in order to give the public the right to be heard between when a bill is presented and when it is voted on.  This was done directly in order to silence people who support the 2nd Amendment from informing their legislators of their displeasure with the bill.

That’s not conjecture, the gun grabbing zealots actually SAID SO directly. Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, D-Suffern, Rockland County, said a quick vote was prudent, saying she was concerned that a delay could lead to less stringent regulations.

“I’m concerned that the anti-gun-safety lobbyists would have influence in a way where we would lose the opportunity to move forward with gun safety,” she said.

Now, I don’t know what any of this bill has to do with gun safety, but the intention on her and Cuomo’s part is clear; RAM this unconstitutional bill down the throats of New Yorkers and get it signed before anyone realizes just what is going on.

Weak willed Republicans in the Republican controlled Senate rolled over quickly enough since their constituents didn’t have the time to have their voices heard and the Democrat controlled Assembly are chomping at the bit to follow suit.

Even the addition of a measure to protect the privacy of gun owners was lukewarm at best.  A gun owner can request that their information remain private but it is up the issuing authority whether to allow it to be so.  This way they can keep the information of police and politicians private while legally leaving the common citizen flapping in the wind.

From top to tail this bill is disgusting and pathetic.  Born of political opportunism and the exploitation of dead children.  Those who crafted it and are glad to have the Sandy Hook Tragedy happen in order to press their agenda should be ashamed of themselves.  So too should those who have given lip service to the 2nd Amendment only to roll over so easily in the name of political expediency and feel good legislation.

Cuomo even has the gall to say that this isn’t an attack on law abiding gun owners.  ”We’re not looking to demonize gun owners,” Cuomo said. “Gun owners have done nothing wrong.”  Yet his legislation does nothing but harass and infringe upon the rights of  gun owners in New York.

At least there are a few New York State Senators who are willing to call a spade a spade. Senators such as Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County who said on the Senate Floor during the vote, “We haven’t saved any lives tonight except for one — the political life of a governor who wants to be president.”

For want of political ambition, liberty dies in New York and not a single child will be safer.

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