The War of the States

The War of the States

With the 23 executive actions that Obama has set forth on top of his desire to reinstate the assault weapons ban one can see the federal fight shaping up for the future of the 2nd Amendment.  But I wonder if that is where the real fight is going to take place.

I think that for every New York State, that pushes senseless and ineffective measures under the auspices of reducing gun violence, you will have a half dozen states like Texas and Wyoming who seek to strengthen their gun rights.  States that are going so far as arresting federal agents who try and enforce federally backed infringements to the 2nd Amendment.

There will be a divide in the States over gun rights but it is far from evenly split and oddly enough does not necessarily follow the traditional red/blue dichotomy.

Sure, when someone thinks of New England and the West Coast they think of a bloc of gun grabbing zealot states who will stop at nothing to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment rights of its citizens but that is not always the case.

For instance, think of Vermont.  Pretty blue when it votes, but it has one of the best understandings of what the 2nd Amendment means and holds almost no restrictions therein.  They are not going to follow New York’s lead. Also, I don’t see New Hampshire, the live free or die state, lining up to follow the Empire State.

So while the exploitation of dead children and the media driven sensationalism and hysteria might draw some New England states away from liberty, it is not as clearly defined as our national elections would have one believe.

The same can be said for the Pacific Northwest.  While the machinations of Californian politicians look to further hamstring the 2nd Amendment in Sacramento, the gun grabbing fever looks to be quarantined there and unlikely to spread.  Though Washington and Oregon have streaks of blue come national election time, on a state level they tend to lean Libertarian and their gun laws reflect it.

If the North East and the West Coast are where gun control support is supposed to be at its greatest then I feel a little better about the whole thing.  Because it is plain to see that in truth, only a few radical rogue politicians are pushing for it.  Outside of those regimes, you have neighboring states that will either do nothing and enjoy the 2nd Amendment freedoms their currently have, or you will get states that will actively move to defend the right to keep and bear arms such as the entire Midwest.

South Dakota, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, Wyoming, and Tennessee all have legislation being put forth to strengthen gun rights for its citizens in order to protect them from both criminals and an overreaching infringing federal government.

Not to mention that Utah, Montana and Alaska have all ready passed the Firearm Freedom Act with AZ, ID, WY and SD and doesn’t include the 25 other states that have introduced the Act.

My prediction is as follows.  As some states in decline begin to seize more and more personal liberties through abusive taxes and infringing upon rights, people will begin to emigrate from them to places that are more free.

Is it a coincidence that states that value the 2nd Amendment rights also have the lowest personal income taxes and the most freedom overall?  Whereas California and New York crush not only the rights of the people but also their livelihood.

Obama and his collaborators like to make it appear as if there is a wave of gun control fever sweeping the nation when in fact there are only a few radical and opportunistic puppets that have followed his lead.

In the elections that come in the next few years, be they state or federal, we must remind them that indeed a wave is coming, it will be carrying freedom and liberty with such force that it will drown the ambition of tyrants.

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