A modern take on Molon Labe

Welcome to Bullets First.  This is my blog that was started during my time as the Director of Media Relations with Gun Owners of America and continues now that I have branched out on my own.

I have transferred my old postings as well as the followers list to this new site and I hope you enjoy it as much as you had my old blog.  I have also founded a new facebook page and twitter account that you may like to peruse.  They are still early and not much has been done as of yet.  This site as well as the others are a little rough but will be improving and streamlining soon, but enough about logistics.


As you can see by the title, Bullets First is the modern take on a philosophy held thousands of years ago by a group of Spartans who faced a tyrant bent on stripping them of their freedom.

When the King of Persia demanded that they lay down their weapons and yield their freedom to him, they simply replied, “Molon Labe” which translates to, “Come and take them”.

Now, on the surface, it is bad ass enough that they told them to if the Persians wanted the Spartans weapons they could come and take them…pointy end first.  But, if you take a secondary look at the words, one could extrapolate the meaning that they were telling the Persians that if they wanted the Spartans to give up their freedoms they would have to fight for that too.

I like the duality of the meaning.  And so, in America today, we as a people need to be willing to follow the Spartan example and be willing to fight, metaphorically and figuratively at first, in order to defend the freedoms that we have so long enjoyed.

If, one day, we find ourselves between the Hot Gates, facing a tyrant who wants to strip us of the last safeguard to all liberty in the land, then let us have the courage and conviction to tell them that they can have our guns…bullets first.



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