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Gun Free Zone succeeds again…

…in leaving people defenseless like lambs to the slaughter.

In Santa Moncica, California a shooter went unchecked on a rampage at the local college.  Somehow, the gun grabbing zealots magic force-field of a sign with a gun crossed out did nothing to deter a maniac from shooting up the place, leaving 4 people dead before the shooter himself died.

Not only did Voldemort here dispel the magic of the gun free zone, he also magicked up some illegal guns that are denied law abiding citizens.

Interesting.  So, the law creates a fallacy of a “safe zone” and also disarms the law abiding yet does nothing to stop criminals or those who don’t believe in the magic power of this sign:



Basically California, with some of the harshest and most draconian gun control laws on the books, once again has proven the complete and abject failure that gun control embodies.

I’ve no doubt that the “rocket scientists” in Sacramento and those in DC will point to this tragedy and to the aforementioned abject failure of gun control as reason for MORE gun control.

By that logic, someone who gets skin cancer by using a tanning bed needs to use the tanning bed MORE in order to…not…get cancer?!?!?!

Yeah…their logic doesn’t make sense anywhere.

You know what makes sense?  Remove the above sign and all its silly notions of magic force-fields and replace it with this sign:


Real defense against evil is better than story time pixie dust and crossed fingered wishes.


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