TSA – The gun control equivalent for travel (and bane of wookies)

Thanks to a wookie getting shook down by TSA thugs over the weekend a revelation dawned on me.

The TSA and all their inept theater of the absurd, is a result of what happens when you apply the illogical precepts of gun control to problems.

With gun control, it is usually spawned by a tragedy.  That tragedy is twisted into making people believe there is a “new normal.”  This new normal fallacy promotes the idea that “SOMETHING must be done”.  Politicians, fickle and opportunistic by nature, seize upon this false premise and push through measures that will do nothing in regards to actual safety other than make people “FEEL” safe, while not actually making them any safer.

But these measures  will do something much more insidious.  They will strip the law abiding of their liberty.  It has been said countless times and I will repeat it now, criminals don’t follow the law and as such they will not follow gun control laws.  Therefore, only honest law abiding citizens will have their rights curtailed which not only brings us back to where we started, but actually endangers the public more than if nothing was done at all.

Now, compare that with the TSA and to a larger measure the Patriot Act.  A tragedy occurred, 9/11, and we start hearing about the new normal,  “something must be done”.  In this case, the idea of more bureaucracy sprung to mind thus creating Homeland Security.  From which the keystone coppers of the airports, the TSA, sprung forth.  Now these glorified mall cops are the actors in this theater in order to make the sheeple FEEL as if they are more safe.  But in truth, though it is often under reported by the media, things get through their swiss cheese like blanket of security all the time.  example2  example3

Not only are they incompetent, but they have the political correctness stick jammed so far up their collective keisters that they shake down little old ladies and molest children  as to not appear to be profiling those who are actually LIKELY to be terrorists…like the shoe bomber.  Last time I checked, I don’t think that their were any 84 year old Scotch Irish grandmothers in Guantanamo.

So while the would be terrorists still have the ability to strike at our planes, we as a people are forced to check our rights at the door in order to placate this farce that has been going on for a decade.

It’s illogical and un-American when it concerns guns and is illogical and un-American when it is applied elsewhere.

And seriously…did those TSA agents think Chewbacca  had a functional lightsaber?


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