Zimmerman on the tracks to be railroaded – A cautionary tale to gun owners

The trial of George Zimmerman has barely begun and one can see the outrageous steps that an overzealous prosecution and complicit judge will go to in order to get a conviction.

Before we get to that though, we must start at the beginning.  I still contend that if George Zimmerman went by his mother’s maiden name and was Jorge Mesa that the nation never would have heard this story.  But when you get someone with a white sounding name shooting a black guy, facts and objectivity be damned for the national media.

The railroading began almost immediately.  Do you recall the pictures that the media was showing of the two?  George’s picture was basically a poor looking mugshot, while his attacker was shown almost as a toddler.  Something like this:

Baby Trayvon and Predator Zimmerman


And I guess the media just overlooked for MONTHS the actual damage that Martin did to Zimmerman when he attacked him:





The first photo shows Zimmerman got smacked around.  If it was ONLY that, an argument can be made that you shouldn’t draw your gun in a fist fight and that he overreacted.  But the second photo is the proof that Zimmerman was on his back getting his head smashed into the concrete.

Perhaps if the media wasn’t thirsty for racial sensationalism, Zimmerman would’ve gotten a fair shake.  But a fair shake was the last thing on the  minds of those at NBC who altered the 911 call Zimmerman made in order to make him sound racist.

With a national news outlet fraudulently trying to sway public opinion against Zimmerman and by the fact that by the time the pictures of his beating saw a national newscast the die was  cast.  Prosecutors had moved forward and the train was picking up steam.  To step back would require political courage…which is apparently lacking in the prosecutors office.

Courage…and ethics as it turns out.  The current prosecutor faces post-trial sanctions due to the failure to turn over photographic and text message evidence that all but obliterates Trayvon Martin’s goody good image.

So Zimmerman gets railroaded first by the media.  Then he gets railroaded by an attention seeking recreant prosecutor with questionable ethics.

Next, we go to the Judge which may be the most damning of all.  When Zimmerman’s defense team tried to enter into evidence Martin’s past drug use and habitual violence the judge barred them, stating that it wasn’t relevant.

A history of violence and both spontaneous outbursts and coordinated attacks of said violence isn’t relevant?  That is akin to saying that if a woman shot and killed her would be rapist, all the past rapes he committed aren’t relevant.

It’s ludicrous. And Judge Nelson is complicit in the railroading of Zimmerman because for a year and a half Zimmerman has been tried in the media and the majority of the press has been about what a good sweet kid Trayvon was.

Anyone on the jury who owns a TV might just be a little swayed by 16 months of canonizing Martin and demonizing Zimmerman.  To add some context to the kind of person Martin was would at least be a semblance of fairness.

But apparently, we live in an age where fairness doesn’t trump agenda’s, egos and political aspirations.

This is a cautionary tale to all those who carry.  When you shoot, be  sure you need to, because even if you are getting your head beat into the ground there might be someone in power who thinks you should just lie there and take it.

The same kind of people who think its better to be raped than shoot your rapist.

But at the end of the day, I still find the old adage true…better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.


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