Maine illustrates the problem of regaining rights

Both Houses of the Maine legislature have rejected a bill that would have done away with the concealed carry permit, making Maine the fifth Constitutional Carry State in the nation.  Arizona, Wyoming, Alaska and Vermont all allow carrying of firearms without the need for government approval to exercise the Constitutional right.

While Maine is in New England it tends to follow that northern New England libertarian streak that its neighbors of Vermont and New Hampshire have.  The idea that they would follow Vermont’s lead and do away with the CCW scam that plagues so many states is not unheard of.

Unfortunately, in the House it failed by a mere vote, in the Senate it was 7 on nigh party lines.

Listening to the dissenters speak of the matter illustrates the issue of trying to regain rights.  The mentality of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” comes into play.  The idea that, “since we’ve had it so long this way why should we change it”.  And of course, the gun grabbing favorite “blood will run in the streets, think of the children etc”.

Just ask the Senate Chair of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, Stan Gerzofsky: “I don’t see a problem, but now we want to create a problem and do away with the process.”

So, the reestablishment of constitutional rights without having to come to the government with hat in hand and PAY for the right is going to create a problem?

The irony is that Maine is an Open Carry State that does not require a permit to do so.

Rep. Libby pointed it out succinctly when he stated:

“I can walk up and down the streets of Portland with my 9-millimeter on my hip and nobody can say anything to me, but as soon as I put my jacket on, on a rainy day like this, I am now a criminal.”

Fortunately, that libertarian streak I spoke of earlier prohibits any real movement in trying to curtail that right.  This just goes to prove that it is easier to keep a right than it is to regain one.

This is also why I objected to the Illinois/Chicago concealed carry compromise.  By giving up so many rights up front and allowing other unconstitutional mandates to be grandfathered in, instead of sticking to their guns and letting Illinois turn into a Constitutional Carry state, the pro gun legislatures hamstrung themselves into a similar predicament that Maine has.

Unfortunately, Illinois, with its crime and thug center of Chicago (not the city, the politicians), the chances of getting a more rights friendly laws dropped exponentially the minute the compromise was signed.

Now, do I think that states like Maine and others will eventually get around to passing Constitutional Carry?  Yes.  But it will take time and effort and an outrage by the public who believes that constitutional rights are not subject to the purview and whims of politicians and bureaucrats.  For Maine…someone has to stand up and say DIRIGO!

Good luck and carry on.

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