Happy Father’s Day

Let us take the day to honor, thank and overall appreciate all the sacrifices that our fathers and their fathers before them made in order for us to grow up happy and free.

It’s not always easy to raise a child and father’s rarely get the propaganda spin that mothers do.

So, think fondly on this day of all the lessons your father has taught you, the discipline he instilled in you, the knowledge he imparted on you and all the punishments he whipped into you in order to make it all stick when you forgot :o)

Being a father isn’t about being a best friend.  It’s about being a provider, a teacher, a disciplinarian, a mentor, a judge, a pair of strong arms to hold you up when you fall, and yes…a friend.  But first and foremost, your father.

Thank him for being that today.


And if you are a father who thinks that he’s too long in the tooth…take a page from Sy Perlis who just set a World Record in the Bench Press at age 91.  You’re never too old to improve and to keep teaching your kids something awesome.



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